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Farewell to How I Met Your Mother

This past Monday faithful audiences said goodbye to the story that took nine years to conclude. How I Met Your Mother was loved by many audiences and no doubt left a mark on television history. The witty complex characters that often occupied good ol’ MacLaren’s will surely be missed on small screens everywhere.

However, after the finale concluded Monday evening, angered fans took to many outlets of social media feeling let down. There were many factors that lead to this disappointment and it made fans question the writers that were in charge of the great adventures that the gang had taken part in after all those years.

One of the biggest flaws that I found during the finale was the amount of years that they were able to fly through during an hour long slot. If it took the writers only one hour long episode to get through years of the gangs life, it could have taken them one episode to get through Robin and Barney’s wedding versus the entire season. I think most fans felt betrayed because they weren’t able to explore Ted and Tracy’s (that the mother’s name!!!) life. After all, the show focused on the constant journey of Ted’s search for true love and happiness, so why couldn’t we bask in it a little? Instead audiences had to find that the mother got sick and passed away.  

The other big reason that I found the disappointment for many fans was that Barney and Robin did not end up together forever like many had hoped for. Although I do admit I ship Barney and Robin, I was not surprised that it all came down to Ted and Robin finally being together. But I guess if you were to look closely and think about it, there were always hints that Robin and Ted were meant for each other, but it had to be at the right time.

Some may say the finale was a let down but the series itself was no doubt legen—wait for it –dary! Thanks for all the laughs Ted, Barney, Marshall Lily and Robin. You deserve the highest of fives.

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