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End of Winter Quarter with Fuffly Friends!

One of the The Well’s Therapy Fluffies “puppies” eagerly waiting to be pet by students.

Beautiful flowers?! What could that mean? SPRING!

Students enjoying a nice day in the commons area!

This cute rabbit was scavenging for food when it was spotted by the Health Center!

Books, books, books flying everywhere! What could that mean? Finals week.

Stressed with finals coming up? Pet a puppy!

She’s loving all that attention.

Man protesting by the Bell Tower with his sign.

Some people like to swim, others like to run. These students like to skate, and they’re good.

Need a break? Walk through this path by Sproul Hall. It’s filled with luscious greenery.

A stress reliever given to students after attending Therapy Fluffies!

Students are already cracking open their books and studying in the Tomas Rivera library.

Students dressed in beautiful traditional clothing ready to march across the lawn.

Nature, how I love thee!

Who’s that? We have company! Students are actively listening to a tour guide.

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