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Graduation is upon us and you’ve worked hard for the past several years to get to where you are now, and it’s time to “Treat Yo Self” (or better yet, be treated). If you’ve been eyeing a certain graduation gift lately but don’t want to be too obvious about what you’d like to receive, then head on over to eBay and create a collection using the hashtag #GiftsForGrads. Share your collection with your loved ones so they get the hint! Not only does eBay have the best deals, but if you create a #GiftsForGrads collection, you’ll be entered to win $500 to shop on eBay! How awesome is that?!!

Need a little inspiration? Then check out my collections below.

1) #GiftsForGrads

2) #GiftsForGrads

Create your own list here: www.ebay.com/celebratecollections (sweepstakes ends June 15, 2014).


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