DIY with Dariana: Easy Costumes for the Lazy Collegiette

Hello HC Cuties! So the countdown for Halloween begins. Midterms are still on their way (jealous glare to those of you who are done with yours) and those sleepless nights and Redbulls have you completely worn out. So when your roommate invites you that last minute costume party Friday night you freak out because you have absolutely nothing to wear and there's no time (or energy) to go buy one. Don't worry for I am here to provide you with some ideas for costumes that are easy to pull off with things you probably already own. Pick your favorite and have a creeptastic night out!


Where's Waldo/Walda?


  • Red and white beanie
  • Red and white striped shirt
  • Blue jeans/skirt
  • Round glasses
  • Optional: Brown shoes, cane, crossbody bag
  • BONUS: Hide in random places at the party and wait for people to go around asking "Where's [your name]?"


Miranda Sings


  • Striped button up shirt
  • Red pants -- preferably sweatpants
  • Grey wool socks
  • Red lipstick
  • Hair pinned back
  • BONUS: Go around saying "Haters back off!" to people you don't like and beautifully sing covers of popular songs

*Remember to tuck your shirt into your pants




  • Green jacket
  • Orange undershirt
  • Black pleated skirt
  • Black combat boots
  • Round glasses
  • Optional: Wavy hair and groovy bangs
  • BONUS: Be extremely sarcastic and unmoved by anything. Say things like "I hate this place" and "Why didn’t I just stay home where it's nice and quiet and nothing ever happens?" and "No life. No hope. No future."


Overly-attached girlfriend/boyfriend


  • Light blue t-shirt
  • Straight hair
  • Optional: Black eyeliner
  • BONUS: Do the creepy eyes and smile while going up to random girls/boys and saying things like "I recorded your breathing at night and made it my ringtone" or  "I haven't seen you in two minutes. Where have you been?"


Tina Belcher


  • Light blue t-shirt
  • Blue skirt
  • White tube socks with red stripe
  • Black converse
  • Yellow hair clip
  • Black glasses
  • BONUS: Go around proclaiming your love of butts to the world and reciting famous Tina quotes like "Don't have a crap attack" and "I'm a smart, strong, sensual woman."


Brawny Man


  • Red plaid shirt
  • White undershirt
  • Blue jeans
  • Optional: brown belt and hiking boots and manly beard scruff
  • BONUS: Carry around a roll of Brawny paper towels and offer to clean up spills.


Happy Halloween, HC Cuties!