DIY with Dariana: Clean Up Your Nails!

Hi guys! Hopefully you guys all liked the first installment of DIY with Dariana. This week’s Beauty theme brings us (insert drumroll here) Clean up your Nails!

I personally love painting my nails because it’s a great way to express yourself and your personality−kind of like having little pieces of artwork at your fingertips. The only bad part of this process is actually taking off the nail polish. It’s not really hard, but it’s just an unnecessarily messy process, with the cotton balls and the nail polish remover spilling everywhere. I’m not the only one that’s been in this predicament right? So I’m going to show you guys an easy way to make this dreaded process so much faster and easier. Enjoy!


·         Sponge

·         Jar with a lid (one that holds around 4 ounces is good, kind of like the size of  a baby food jar)

·         Nail polish remover

·         Scissors


Step 1: Depending on how big the sponge you have is, you might want to cut it in half in order to make it fit into the jar. I am going to go ahead and cut mine since my jar is pretty small.

Step 2: Take the two halves of the sponge and roll them together into a swirly snail-like shape.

Step 3: Place the rolled up sponge inside the jar, making sure it stays snug inside.


Step 4: Slowly and carefully fill up the jar with nail polish remover. Between pouring, wait a couple seconds before continuing to give a chance for the sponge to absorb the liquid.

And there you have it! To use it, just place your finger into the center of the sponge and twist it around until all the nail polish is gone. Extremely easy to use and cheap to make!






·         Great to use with those pesky glitter and dark colors that are always a pain to remove

·         Between uses, make sure to keep the cap closed tightly so the remover doesn’t evaporate

·         When the sponge gets too dirty, you can replace it with another one. If the nail polish remover runs out or it evaporates, you can just fill it up again.

 Happy Crafting, HC Cuties!