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In case you didn’t know, California is finally opening back up. Start planning your summer adventures! With that being said, I greatly appreciated finding out that movie theatres are now reopened because I have missed watching movies on the big screen and finding out the showtimes twenty minutes before the movie starts. 

Friday morning I learned my aunt had been taken off of life support. So with the support of my friends, I spent the entire day crying and playing games. It wasn’t until later that night that my best friend, Grace, suggested going to see a movie to take my mind off of things. Granted, she was thinking of the drive-in theatres, but it was a nice surprise that we had twenty minutes to get to the theatre if we wanted to see it on the big screen.

I highly recommend watching Disney’s new Cruella movie! Emma Stone is such a great actress and I can’t imagine anyone else playing Cruella now. She used the role of a challenged child who witnessed her mother’s murder and turned into a sociopath adult out for revenge to bring empathy to the villain that many people grew up despising because we thought she hated dogs.

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Before going to watch it yourself, and even before watching any other movie or reading new books, make sure to look up trigger warnings first. Luckily one of my friends had seen the trailer and knew a little bit about the movie beforehand – I didn’t even know Cruella was being made into a movie – because if she hadn’t seen the trailer, she might not have taken her anxiety medication. My friend had her house burned down when she was younger and still has PTSD from it, so her medication was able to help calm her down during the fire scene in Cruella. Some other triggers for this movie include violence against a pregnant woman and gore.

I’ve recently been rewatching all of the original, classic Disney movies with my roommates so seeing how Cruella was portrayed in 101 Dalmations versus the Cruella movie was pretty exciting. I absolutely loved the Maleficent movies so I had really high hopes going in. You get to see how Jasper and Horace meet Cruella, how Anita and Cruella become friends, and how Cruella doesn’t hate dogs.  

I’m not going to include spoilers – because that would be horrendous of me if I did – but I will say that everyone should get their butts to their local theatres because this movie should definitely be seen on the big screen in the theatre. It also helps that at my local movie theatre, the rows in front and behind you were blocked off so that movie watchers were spaced out and you didn’t really have to worry about being close to anyone when you’re whispering to your friends.

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