Decorating For Less This Season

Being away from home while at school is a different type of heartache. This is especially true if your dorm, apartment, or house is empty during the holiday season. During my first year away from home, I was homesick often compared to now. So, I took it upon myself and the help of my grandma to decorate my small dorm room. Even the Residential Advisor in my hall had a Christmas tree that was decorated with ornaments. 


Adding a few stockings for those who live with you is a start and you could always take it a step further  by adding Christmas lights in the common area or around your door.


Photo by Pinterest


I usually buy my decorations at Dollar Tree because you can buy in bulk and some of the stuff allows you to be really creative. I bought snowflakes that I plan to tape along our stairs, so our apartment will look like a winter wonderland. I also found cute lights that drip down like a waterfall that hangs over our window by our small Christmas tree my grandma gave me.


At most, a good set of Christmas lights from Walmart, Marshall’s, or any other store should be around $4.99 to $6.99 at most. Besides the lights, I planned to get stockings for my roommates and I. Stockings can be bought at the dollar tree (or any store of your choosing that sells Christmas decorations) for you and your roommate(s) or housemate(s). 

Photo by Pinterest


Lastly, something else to add a little festivity to your place is block signs. Block signs are super cute and come in so many designs. If you’re into sparkles, you can get glitter font and if you’re into something more minimalist, you can get something simple. 


These are great to put along the counter or by a TV stand, so they can have a lot of exposure. Usually at Marshall’s they go for around $3.99 and up.


It doesn’t have to be much, but a few decorations can truly go a long way. Especially with finals season around the corner, the decorating process could be a nicer way to relax from studying or bond with your roommate(s).


Happy Holidays!


Photo by Pop Sugar