Dart: Share the Web Privately with Friends!

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You’re browsing online, and you come across a Buzzfeed list that perfectly describes your best friend. Later, you watch a YouTube video that you know would make your roommates laugh. During study hours, you come across an article that your group could use for their upcoming presentation. How will you make sure they see it? Enter Dart: an app for privately sharing and discussing the web with friends. By sending links directly to your friends on Dart, you can avoid the scattered conversations that occur over text, email, and Facebook. In app, you can create custom categories for all of the links that you send or receive. As a student, this makes Dart a great way to organize, manage, and share online resources that you might discover for classes, assignments, or research papers. A lot of the time, however, the things you find on the web are just funny and ridiculous, and with Dart, you and your friends get to choose which parts of the web are important. Basically, there are three things about Dart that make it stand out:

1) It’s private (you only receive things from your closest friends)

2) You only receive things that you’ll enjoy (because your friends know what you’re interested in)

3) It helps you stay connected (sharing web content is a great way to stay up­to­date on all of the fun and interesting things happening online)


Dart is a free iOS application downloadable at the App Store.

For more information, visit http://tossdarts.com/or follow @Dart on Twitter

For the product video link & visual assets, visit: http://dart.totemapp.com/company
For more information, visit http://tossdarts.com/