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Darren Bueno, UCR’s Sports Man!

Age: 21

Year: Third year

Major: English

Hometown: Ontario, California

Favorite Band: The Cure

Favorite Film: The Breakfast Club

One Interesting Fact About You: I volunteered at an Idaho zoo for two summers during high school. I worked with lions, tigers, snow leopards, penguins and bears!

What position do you hold at The Highlander and what steps did you take to get there?

I’m currently the Sports Editor of The Highlander. The first step in reaching my position was having the courage to walk into the office, which was really quite a daunting task. After overcoming that anxiety, it was all about working hard and trying my best. Within the first few months of writing, I was promoted to assistant sports editor then eventually editor.

What are some of your key responsibilities as Sports Editor?

I would say the key responsibility to my job is ensuring that my section gives out the best and most complete analysis of not only UCR sports, but sports that stretch beyond the Inland Empire. I try to make the stories as interesting as possible and one that people would actually enjoy reading. I manage a fun cast of sports writers while assigning and editing content according to the AP Style Guide. I’m responsible for the sports section payroll as well as conducting interviews with various members of the sports community.

What other organizations are you involved with on campus?

Outside of The Highlander, I’m a sports radio host for KUCR. I co-host a weekly sports talk show called Jock Talk while also providing color commentary for KUCR’s coverage of men’s and women’s basketball. I work at the Rec Center here on campus, and am a member of Beta Phi Delta, an awesome community service fraternity.

How have these positions enriched your time here at UCR?

These positions have introduced me to some absolutely wonderful people that I wouldn’t have meet otherwise. They have taught me how to manage my time and realize how valuable time is. I would say more than anything all of my experiences have made me proud to call UCR my school.

What are your plans after graduation?

I actually plan to go back to school in hopes of attending veterinary school. I know totally the opposite of what you thought!

And lastly, The Office or Community?

Toughest question ever. I’d have to go with The Office by the slimmest of margins.

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