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Holiday Season  can be pretty hectic for lots of people. They either don’t know what’s on someone’s wish list or what gift to get them that they’ll love. I know that some gifts that are always loved are those that come from the heart, so here are some DIY (do it yourself) gifts that my family has really enjoyed.


Although this takes a little bit of time, it is a very cute sentimental gift that probably anyone would enjoy. I’ve done it before for my parents, and this year I did it for my boyfriend. I just found a cute scrapbook online and then found my favorite pictures of us and decorates each page uniquely from one another.


I used to do this for people when I was little, and I would draw them like flowers or hearts. Of course, they weren’t the best, but it was the thought that counted. If you’re really artistic though, you could draw something cuter or more skilled. Flowers and hearts stuck with me and it’s what I use.

Cute Christmas Cards

For this I tend to get cards from like Dollar Tree because they have cute designs on them. I tend to look for cards that will in some form relate to who I am giving it to. This gives it an extra personal touch and my family members (especially my mom and aunts) tend to enjoy.

Handmade Blanket

This was something that I learned to make this year thanks to quarantine. I had the chance to crochet two blankets (one for my mom and one for my aunt). Although it took about two weeks for each, I know that they will both love it (since it’s handmade) and because they’re always cold. They’ll also always think of me when they use their blankets.

Although some DIY gifts may take longer to make than others, they are cheaper and family members will probably appreciate them more. So maybe this holiday season try DIYing one of your gifts.

Ashleen Herrarte

UC Riverside '22

Ashleen was a UCR Political Science and Philosophy major. When she was not writing articles for HCUCR, she was usually spending time with friends by going out to eat yummy foods or watching shows at home. She hopes you enjoyed reading her articles!
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