Cuddle Season, Stay Strong!

With Christmas quickly approaching, the cold weather follows, and we all know what we want to do to stay warm… cuddle! Of course with all the wins and rain blowing and pouring about, we want a little somethin’ somethin’ to help keep us warm, but stay strong! 


Within the holiday season, many of us feel lonely and vulnerable, and tend to lean towards the company of someone. People crave the presence of someone who can keep them company not only with their mere existence, but with their warmth and love. Although it is perfectly natural to want to spend the holiday season with a significant other, or even a not so significant other, it should not be an excuse to give up your sense of self. You shouldn’t have to throw yourself at someone to feel validated. 

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Embrace yourself. Love yourself. Treat yourself. Whenever you feel lonely, take a hot bath with some nice bath salts and listen to your favorite album. It will be sure to relax you. Or, have a dance party of one, and let your hair run wild. 


Being alone can be a great and empowering thing if you let it. You learn to enjoy your own company, and with that comes an inner peace you wouldn’t normally find elsewhere. Of course I am not one to turn down the opportunity to spend time with my significant other, however, it’s knowing when to set those important limits and boundaries. Trust me, I know. 


When I was younger, I thought I had to spend every waking moment with my significant other in order to be happy and fulfilled, but boy did it bite me in the butt when I was dumped. That’s when I realized that although it’s great to spend time with someone else, it’s even better knowing how to spend time with yourself. 


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Being dumped after relying on someone for so long completely turns you inside out. You realize that you are absolutely terrified of being alone, and that you need someone there. I hated that feeling. I hated feeling dependent, and I knew I had to change that. I began to spend time alone to learn how to accept myself as is, and how to be alone with my thoughts. That is when I learned that I was enough. Now I am careful who I share my time with, and I cherish the times when I am both alone or with someone. 


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You deserve as much time and attention you give others. There is nothing more important than being comfortable enough with yourself. If you ever do want to spend some quality time with someone, make sure it’s someone that will contribute to your life, and not someone you’ll regret afterwards. Just remember that you are enough, and that there’s nothing wrong with some alone time, especially during cuddle season!