COVID Friendly Activities to do This Spring Break

Although vaccination rates are going up and COVID-19 cases are going down in the state, the pandemic is not entirely gone. The CDC recommends to not travel out-of-state even if you are vaccinated. So, here are some COVID-19 friendly activities to do this spring break. 

  1. 1. Volunteer

    Grocery Shopping

    There are many people in dire need right now and volunteering at a local homeless shelter, food bank, women’s shelter, etc. could be helpful to those in need. All volunteering events are practicing safe COVID-19 measures for a good cause. Simply researching volunteering events near you will give you a ton of events you can attend to. Like the New Life Community Church in Lincoln Heights that needs volunteers for their mobile vaccinate site. Other places like the Lighthouse of Hope Foundation need volunteers for their Easter Food Distribution on March 20th. 

  2. 2. Spend Time Outdoors

    woman meditating on the beach

    The weather has been really nice out and getting some Vitamin D has great health benefits. There are a number of activities to do outdoors. Going to the beach or going hiking with masks and safe social distancing are some. However, visiting a botanical garden while the flowers are starting to bloom can be great too. Descanso Gardens is one of the few most beautiful gardens to visit, and they are practicing COVID-19 protocols to ensure guests can spend some time outdoors safely. 

  3. 3. Shop Small Business

    Woman holding card while operating silver laptop

    Small businesses were deeply affected by the pandemic and going out to support them will be much appreciated. Small businesses include some restaurants, fashion boutiques, or even street vendors. Most, if not all, small businesses, are taking safe COVID-19 measures to entice customers to shop. You can plan a whole day of shopping for a small business, like getting breakfast at a small café. Poppy + Rose in Los Angeles is a popular small business restaurant that serves delicious food. Next, check out some fashion stores like The Small Shop LA. Or, if you prefer to stay home, Etsy and Instagram have a lot of small businesses you can support. 

Most importantly, spring break is the perfect time to unwind from all the stress the winter quarter brought. It’s totally okay if you decide to not do anything at all and catch up on some sleep (something I most likely will be doing).