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During summer my skin got very bad. I had multiple pimples all over my face, blackheads, blemishes, and basically had very bad acne. My face felt super oily and I kept touching it which made it worse. This has been going on for two years, but this particular  summer, it got worse. I have spent so much money buying different skin care products like face washes, medicines, dermatologist appointments, and so much more. Finally, I found this book called the “The Clear Skin Diet, The Six Week Program for Beautiful Skin” by two young adult influencers called Nina and Randa Nelson. 

The Clear Skin Diet follows a vegan or plant based diet. With pictures of others who have followed this diet, the authors claim that results are guaranteed. I decided to try it out for myself. Now, I am a non-vegetarian person but I have tried going vegetarian before, but not for very long. This was my first time trying out the vegan diet in my life. I am not going to lie, it was hard. 

The Clear Skin Diet has several recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In fact, if you like the dish particularly, you can repeat it for multiple meals. I am a picky eater, especially with my vegetables, and in addition, I am not a huge cook. If you are a fan of cooking then these recipes will be fun to try. I chose two recipes to repeat. For breakfast I had a “Blueberry I Sigh Bowl” which is basically an acai bowl. For lunch and dinner I alternated between a salad and a strawberry smoothie.  For three weeks, I followed this diet strictly with few changes here and there. The diet stated that I must eat only vegan products, therefore, I had to look up snacks which contained these ingredients. As someone who ate meat my whole life, being vegan was hard,especially when I went to restaurants with friends or grocery shopping. When you are the only vegan friend in your group, it’s hard to go to restaurants that particularly cater to or have vegan options. Living in Irvine, there were not many options, plus it was too tempting to go off the diet. One place I do recommend though would be Veggie Grill. Veggie Grill is a plant based restaurant whose food is very tasty;I used to order from them all the time. Within three weeks, my face cleared up and I felt healthier. However, I did not like the experience because of the limited food choices and because I was not used to it. So I took a two week break and did it for three weeks again. My skin was much better than before. I would recommend this for anyone suffering from bad acne, and I would suggest finding a favorite recipe to ease into it, especially if it is your first time going vegan. It is hard at first but definitely worth it.


Rithika Nair

UC Riverside '21

Hi, I am a 21 year old college student attending UCR who loves movies, books and adventures! :P
Deedee Plata

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20 year old creative writing major with a love for skincare, representation, and art. When not laying down and watching cartoons, I can be found working on my novel or browsing through baby name forums.