I know, I know. I've written one like this already but we’re gonna do this again. This time, a little different. Still 5 songs. Still Mac Miller. But this time, 1 album. 




Here we go:


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1. Complicated 

The perfect song for when you’re life is about to go through a dramatic change. For me – graduation. But it’s important to note that our lives will not last forever. So some days, it’s important to not complicate your life by overthinking, over analyzing or over stressing about the future. Sometimes, you just got to get through today.


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2. Good News

We’ve all been there- in desperate, desperate need for someone to tell us something good or for something good to happen. Deep, deep cravings for a break. But like we've gone over, good things take time. So for now, take Mac up on his advice: lay down for a little. Aren’t you tired of being tired? Take a break. You don’t have to have everything figured out right now. It’s one day at a time. The best is still yet to come. Let it come. 


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3. Woods

Perfectly put into words that if you are not in a place to let go of someone’s past, you need to let them go altogether. It is not healthy being stuck in a space that is not allowing you to grow. Sometimes love is not enough to make you stay and that is reason enough to leave. Because he was right — Mac was right: heartbreak will leave you bankrupt. And maybe not financially, but the concept of bankrupt itself: left without, exhausted of, lacking in and empty. 


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4. That’s On Me

Pride. Stubbornness. Hardheadedness. 

3 traits this song tackles head on. Demonstrating the rawness about admitting when it’s your fault. It is not the end of the world to own up to your shit when it hits the fan. It’s time for accountability. The people you love will only be around for so long. Give them flowers while you still can. “Say goodmorning in the morning” and goodnight at night. Grudges are for the past. Move on. With love. 


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5. Surf

Speaking of love, Surf is the perfect segway about the ups and downs of love in and of itself. Because yes, sometimes it is their eyes and their ears, their mouth and their nose; their head and their shoulders, their knees and their toes. Sometimes, it's almost suffocating just how much it's everything about them that you find yourself falling in love with. But still. Love doesn't fix everything. And sometimes, it seems like it doesn't fix anything. You still get lonely, even when you're surrounded by tons of people. Sometimes, ESPECIALLY in a crowd, you feel the most alone. But in the wise words of Mac Miller, you find one person that knows you and you find home. 


And with that, here’s one more reminder of why Mac was for the people. He felt just as much as we do and found the perfect way to voice that to millions of people around the world through his music. And even though we don’t have him here with us anymore, we’ll always have Mac Miller pop up exhibits in Los Angeles and Blue Slide Park in Pittsburgh. So, here’s to Mac Miller. Here’s to celebrating his life for all that it was. May his legacy live on through all of us. 


Most dope forever.