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Cesar Desantiago

What Cesar’s Girlfriend Had To Say About Him:“I wanted to nominate Cesar for campus cutie because I want to show how much I appreciate him and all his hard work. We met last year in psychology here at UCR. He had a spotted me from across the lecture hall and made the effort to come sit right next me. He won me over with his confidence and ever since then Ive been falling in love with him more and more each day. He is my wish come true and I would love to share that with whomever is willing to listen.”

Graduation Year: 2013   Major: Biochemistry   Hometown: Garden Grove

1) What made you want to pursue a major in Biochemistry?      

I am a Biochemistry major with an emphasis in Biology. The main reason I pursued a major in Biochemistry is because I love Science! I also pursued this major because it looks into the inner-workings of proteins and how they work in the human body. With this knowledge Biochemists look for possibilities of probable cures to cancer and other diseases. There are so many things you can do by pursuing a major in Biochemistry, the sky is the limit! I pursued a major in Biochemistry also because I wanted to do something that could use to help others. And lastly I love a challenge. Biochemistry is not an only a very interesting major, but it also challenges the mind. 

2) What are your plans after graduation?

My plans after graduation is to work on getting my teaching credentials so I can teach High School Biology and while doing that I want to pursue in getting my Masters in a field of Biochemistry. Teaching is one of my passions. I would love to work with students and show them how amazing science can be. In being a teacher I wish to touch the lives of many students as well. 
3) Your nominee mentioned that you won Joven Del Año at your church, how did you win this honor? And how can others follow in your footsteps?
When I won Joven del Ano at my church I was honored and surprised at the same time. I was surprised because everything I do at church I do not do for recognition, I do it for Jesus and my church community. The reason I obtained Joven del Ano was because to the eyes of my church community, St. Thomas the Apostle, I am an example to other youth. I am one the youth leaders at the youth group that my church has. As a leader I encourage youth and teach them about their faith in a fun and interacting way. We provide community service to our church through things like carnivals for Easter and Halloween for the little kids, to making sandwiches for the homeless. Other things that I am involved and help with in church are being a leader in the Spanish youth prayer group and singing in the Spanish ministry choir. I also received this award because the church recognized that I am a full time college student, but that I still took the time to help out my church, especially our church youth. And how can others follow in my footsteps? My answer to that is being a good person to others. It can be from a simple hello and smile to helping feed the homeless. Most importantly everything you do for others do it out of love. May what you do for the helping of others and not to receive recognition, because the smiles on the faces of the people you help is rewarding enough.
4) What would you say you are most passionate about?
What I am most passionate about is helping the youth and letting them know that someone is there and cares about them. That is why I am so involved with my churches’ youth group because sometimes all young people need is someone who is willing to sit down with them and listen and let them know that someone actually cares. I also work with priests outside of my church that give retreats that let youth know that we care and that they are important to us and do matter because they are special in their own unique way. I love seeing the smile on the faces of young people and helping them feel good about themselves and making them feel that they are significant. That is the reason I want to become a teacher as well, to help encourage students to do their best and that they can do anything they set their minds to. A teacher that is going to tell his students, I believe in you.
5) Who would you like to see perform at Heat?
I would love to see Coldplay perform!
6) What is your favorite thing about UCR?
My favorite thing about UCR is the diversity of the student body. It brings so uch culture and life to our campus.
7) What were you most looking forward to this winter break?
Visiting my girlfriend and spending New Year’s Eve with her.
8) Cutest thing you’ve ever done for your girlfriend?
One Friday morning while my girlfriend was in class I went to her apartment room and I decorated her room for Christmas. I made snowflakes out of construction paper and I also made little snowmen and gingerbread men. On top of her desk I made a sign that said “Merry Christmas”. She loves Christmas so much and I thought I give her a little Winter Wonderland in her room. When she came back to her apartment I told her to close her eyes and then I played “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”, by Michael Buble, and then I told her to open her eyes. She loved the little surprise I gave her.
9) Cutest thing your girlfriend has ever done for you?
The cutest thing that my girlfriend has done for me is make me an “I <3 U” sign out of stick notes.  The “I” was made out of blue stick notes, the heart was made out of pink sticky notes, and the “U” was made out of green sticky notes. What made this really special was that on these notes she wrote the things she loved about me and how much she loves me. She also put verses from two “Elephant Love Melody” from Moulin Rouge and “Bendita la Luz” by Mana, two of my favorite songs. It made me feel special because she had worked really hard on it and it made me feel of so loved!
10) What would you say makes a relationship work?
Loving the person for everything they are, the good and the bad, not just the good. It is the imperfections that end up making the other person perfect to one. There needs to be trust in each other. Showing each other how much you mean to each other every single day, I still fall in love with my girlfriend more and more every single day. Also you can’t be afraid to be dorks for each other. And most importantly there needs to be the compassionate, patient, and caring love. You have to love the other person with all your heart and soul. Sometimes you have to be patient because there will be challenges along the way, but in the end of the day it is all worth it because you are in love with the most amazing person in world, well at least I am.
11) If you could have a super power what would your ability be and why?
The ability to fly! One of the reasons is that it would save me so much gas money and also because I would use my power to fly me and my girlfriend around the world and have an occasional dinner in Paris.
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