Bubbly, Yet Sassy Girl, Griselda Segura

This week campus celebrity is Griselda Segura who is currently a third year student majoring in Business Adminstration with concentration of Marketing and have recently become next year president for The Leadership Community for Women (yay!) Congrats gurrrl! (girl...) 

I would like to aknowledge that I love having Griselda in my Korean class because she is seriously an energizer bunny and makes class more bearable! She is super bubbly, funny and adorable. She knows how to have fun yet knows how to be serious when it's work time! In addition her diversity to campus involvements make her this week superstar! Get to know her more by reading what her future goals, celebrity crushes and summer plans are! 

Fun Fact:

I know how to speak Korean and Spanish.

I love spicy food to the max.

I have worked at Knott’s Berry Farm.

What school activities are you involved in?

The Leadership Community for Women- Publicity

Student Conduct- Student Facilitator

Mujeres Unidas- Member

HallyUCR- Member

How would you describe yourself?

I would describe me as an outgoing person who is too loud sometimes, but always tries to make the best out of everything. I love to dance, eat, and tumblr. When it comes to academics I am always trying my best to excel especially in business. Lastly, I love to get involved in as much as possible because college only happens once in life. I enjoy my life as much as I can, everyone should!

What are your summer plans this year?

This summer I am planning to study abroad in Korea and  travel to Japan to enjoy my last summer before I graduate June 2015.

What do you plan to do after graduating from college?

Hard Question? After graduating, I hope to pursue my degree in business and be employed by a company. As well to continue being as active in my community wherever I go.

Favorite quote

“Failure is never a reason not to try”

Any celebrity crushes?

American: Beyonce, Joseph Gordon- Levitt, Ryan Gosling, Ed Westwick

Who doesn't love Ryan Gosling?!? 

Asian: Kim Soo-Hyun, Lee Min-Ho, Super Junior Kyuhyun, TVXQ Changmin

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Well ten years from now, I will be 31 years old, so technically I’m still young. I hope to have my own PR company working globally with Entertainment companies expanding into the emerging markets. As well, I hope to have a happy life by accomplishing all my promises to my parents but as well be happy in general. I probably be married, but who knows life doesn’t always go that way.