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As we come back to a new year and new quarter, there has already been a scandal in our country and it is the most upsetting of all, however as Lady Whisteldown from the new Netflix Series Bridgerton says, “for those who may still find themselves out of both choices and hope, fear not. For who knows when and where one’s fortunes may change.” I completely agree with that because one week can bring a lot of changes, one never truly knows what will happen in the future. However, I have found the perfect distraction for everyone and that is the new Netflix show Bridgerton. Bridgerton is produced by the amazing Shonda Rhimes from Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, so you already know it is going to be good and it is based on the best-selling novels written by Julia Quinn

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Julia Quinn writes 8 novels about 8 siblings all named in alphabetical order. Each novel is about each sibling's love story so I am hoping and assuming that the 8 seasons that Netflix will produce will be similar to the books. Bridgerton takes place in Regency England’s high society and gives viewers an insight into the world of debutantes and their quest to secure the highest-ranking male. It is basically history’s version of Gossip Girl especially since there is a mysterious writer called Lady Whisteldown who writes about all the scandals and gossip that happens at all the balls and parties. For those who absolutely loved Gossip Girl, this may just be your next show to binge-watch or book series to binge read.

[bf_image id="q7k00r-6i78ow-c582x6"] For me personally, I started reading the Bridgerton books in high school because one of the main aspects of the book was about family. The author portrays a very tight-knit group of siblings running from their 20s to the youngest being 10 and how they all love, tease, and protect one another. As an only child, I have always wanted siblings and these books allowed me to pretend to be one of them for a short amount of time whenever I was stressed out about exams or doing college apps. The show perfectly captures the essence of family in the series with the protective older brother or the teasing siblings.

[bf_image id="qb00c6-5n4clk-9frk23"] Furthermore, Shonda Rhimes has a wonderfully diverse cast and the selection of music is immaculate. This show is a romance show but is a progressive one with views and relatable to us all. As another incentive to watch this show would be for the plot and when I mean the plot, all the wonderful and good looking characters in the show. Bridgerton is your next binge-watch show.

Rithika Nair

UC Riverside '21

Hi, I am a 21 year old college student attending UCR who loves movies, books and adventures! :P
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