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Blanca Zamora

Name: Blanca Zamora

Major: Sociology

Year: 2nd year

Birthday: January 17th 1992

Age: 20

Relationship Status: In a healthy relationship

Blanca Zamora is not like your typical campus cutie. She has a big heart and always puts others before herself. Her generosity has led to huge aspirations about her future with helping homeless people. Her friends describe her as “outgoing, talkative, warm-hearted, and truly one of the most bighearted people out there.” Unlike many students, Zamora spends her weekends helping the homeless and attempting to make the world a better place. Her kindness is truly one that inspires.

Here is more information about Blanca Zamora:

1) What do you like to do for fun?

-I like going to church, Saint Andrews. I like doing makeup, going to rockabilly shows and getting freaky at the `80s club. Oh, and volunteer work.

2) What do you like at UCR?

-I love that UCR offers social group for every to be part of. It is so diverse that everyone could fit in

3) Why did you choose ucr?

-I like the location of UCR. It is in the perfect area (to me) because it is close to home and there are so many things to do at Riverside. It is close to everything like the mountains, Disneyland, and the beach!

4) Who is your biggest celebrity crush?

-Johnny Depp

5) Which animal would you prefer? Dog or cat?

-A cat because they are super chill and cool. They are not hyper like a dog, where they would constantly want you. They do not jump on you and bark.

6) What are your pet peeves?

-Slow drivers that do not check their blind spots when changing lanes — especially on the 91 freeway

7) What do see in your future?

-I would build a shelter for homeless kids who are less fortunate.

8)What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

-Happily married with children and my whole family is volunteering with homeless.

9) What is your Favorite TV show?

-I Love Lucy and Housewives of New Jersey

10) What Animal what would you be if you had to be one?

-A domestic house cat because they are just so CHILL!

11) What is something random about you?

-I am a neat freak; not to the extent of OCD, but I just like to be very neat.

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