Birthday in quarantine? No problem.

Birthdays are supposed to be about the celebration of life. And if you’ve always had an amazing birthday, you have truly been blessed. For the longest time, I couldn’t remember having a birthday where something didn’t go wrong, so I moved away from my family and came to college, I stopped celebrating mine because it felt like every other day. To me, there was no point in eating cake (which I don’t like) or having wishful thinking for the upcoming year (since I believe we make our own paths) or taking the day off of work (I really like making money), because my birthday wasn’t special.


However, despite never celebrating my birthday for the past three years, the one birthday that I have been so excited for, like most people, has been my 21st. Which if I’m being honest, I’m totally counting down the days for. And it’s in two and a half months! Normally I’d be going crazy with planning to make sure that the one time I wanted to celebrate would be great, but sadly I am stuck in quarantine with just my one roommate.

valentine wine Luke Southern via Unsplash

That’s not,, however,, going to stop me from living my best life and celebrating this birthday just like anyone else who has ever turned 21 celebrated. If you’re also a cancer like me, don’t forget that IT’S YOUR PARTY AND YOU CAN CRY IF YOU WANT TO! But also, be happy! (-:


This calls for bottomless mimosas at home, some very pretty streamers from the Dollar Tree, and all my amazing friends logging onto zoom to watch me have my first legal drink! 


For anyone else who has to celebrate a birthday during this quarantine lockdown, let me just remind you that one day we’ll all be able to go outside again and be crazy. Just because we’re supposed to be staying inside, doesn’t mean our birthdays have to be celebrated any less than they would have been. So keep your head up, and don’t forget to go crazy once we’re allowed out again!