The Beauty of Difference

From the moles on my face to the freckles on your skin, beauty comes in all forms. From my response of “five-foot flat” to your 5’10 long legs giving you innnnnches, beauty comes in all sizes. From my B cup to your full double D, beauty comes in all shapes. 


It has no limits. It knows no bounds. Beauty is you. Beauty is me. 


So, I hope you find the courage to post that picture that you’re tearing apart because one of your eyes looks a little wonky. Here’s a gentle reminder: your pictures do not need to be perfect. Sometimes, it means authenticity. Sometimes it means taking a step back and letting the world know that you don’t look perfect 100% of the time. That doesn’t mean you don’t look good, girl!


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I understand that in reality, it’s easier said than done. Some days we still post and delete our photos because truth is, we found courage for one minute and then became self-conscious once again. Some days, someone goes on a liking rampage through our account and instead of making us feel like we’re that bitch, we go and archive our posts because you can’t believe someone sat behind a screen looking at you for that long. But guess what? Even if you don’t feel it today, you’re still beautiful. Beauty is fighting to exist in a society that is constantly trying to tell us that there is only one way to be beautiful.


And you know what I have to say to those people (and what you should say to) — come churro. 

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We have been so conditioned to believe that beauty can only be a thin nose with a slope that reminds you of a 45-degree angle, a thin waist and a slender torso, or colored eyes and light hair. But the truth is, beauty is beyond that. 


So quit looking at what beauty can be through a eurocentric lens. Beauty is far more than traits that you wish you could have. Beauty is accepting traits that are indigenous to your roots. 


Beauty IS a wide nose. Beauty IS textured hair. Beauty IS chocolate brown eyes. There is no wrong or right way to be beautiful. And regardless of what anyone has tried to tell you, your darker melanin only means you glow better. Embrace it. 


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The presence of another person's beauty does not equate to the absence of your own.