The Bachelor Predictions: The Bachelor Season Finale and The Bachelorette

This season has been a wild ride for fans in Bachelor Nation. The popular show on ABC has had viewers on the edge of their seats through every drama filled episode and now that the season comes to a close this Monday and Tuesday with a two-part finale, we’re all wondering what move the Bachelor, former NFL player, Colton Underwood, will make next.


When we last saw Underwood he had finally jumped the fence and out to the Portugal jungle after Cassie, whom he says he wants to choose at the end. She unfortunately breaks up with him and leaves the show. The episode ends with the film crew and host, Chris Harrison, looking for Colton in the jungle.


Every season of The Bachelor is always advertised as “the most dramatic season,” but this season they might be telling the truth. After the conversation Colton had with Cassie, there is no way he can justifiably choose either of the two girls left on the show. Ashe seemingly leaves the show by his own accords, we’re all wondering what the remaining four hours of The Bachelor will show.


Here’s what I think is going to happen. The teaser for upcoming episodes shows Colton talking to one of the remaining contestants, Tayshia, in tears. I think that Colton is going to talk to Tayshia and the other contestant, Hannah G., and break up with them both. However, Colton will still continue to pursue Cassie. The teaser shows Colton knocking on a door and it immediately cuts off. The producers will not reveal who is behind the door because it’s Cassie. The season will end with Colton and Cassie together but in a regular relationship instead of engaged.


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What does this mean for The Bachelorette?


The spinoff show, The Bachelorette, often finds its Bachelorette from the previous season’s contestants of The Bachelor. In this current season, one of the first bits of drama to occur was between Hannah B. and Caelynn, two contestants from the Miss USA pageant. To put it simply, the two had previous problems that bled into their time on The Bachelor, but the two were able to put their differences aside and learn to support one another.


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Caelynn, a final four contender and fan favorite, is admired for her bravery for sharing her history with sexual abuse. She has gained the support of America through The Bachelor and we were all heartbroken for her when Colton sent her home. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if the producers chose to make her the next Bachelorette.


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Hannah B. is someone I didn’t think would make it past week 4. She was seen as the immature one in the Hannah B. V.S. Caelynn drama, but throughout the season we were able to see her progress and mature into someone I now find myself admiring. She has become the embodiment of knowing your self worth and is an inspiration. Hannah B. is someone I can see becoming the Bachelorette.


For now, we can’t know for sure and we’re just going to have to wait, watch, and see what happens. However, I am really excited to see how this season ends and what it will mean for the future of Bachelor Nation.