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AXO Delta Queen Contestant – Sonam Patel

Meet Sonam Patel, first year poli sci major with a lot on her plate this year!Favorites:Thing to do for fun: Watch the NFL on Sunday’s.Favorite Food: My favorite foods are pasta and ice creamFavorite Band/Artist: Hardwell and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

3 Interesting Facts about Sonam:-My favorite color is teal.-I am really creative.-I am obsessed with the Dallas Cowboys

Although having only joined AXO last quarter she has taken on the task of raising money for City of Hope cancer research as a contestant for the annual Delta Queen beauty pageant put on by the brothers of Delta Tau Delta. With the encouragement of her sisters beside her she is sure to have an incredible support system throughout this new experience -- one of the reasons she joined AXO! Sonam says she joined A Chi O because she "..knew [she] would have friendships that would last forever," and the amount of supports she receives from them not only personally but also to do her best academically. She loves the dedication her sisters have for their national philanthropy -- domestic violence awareness -- but this isn't her first brush with philanthropic work.  

HCUCR: What is Delta Queen for those who don’t know?Sonam Patel: Delta Queen is annual philanthropy that the gentlemen of Delta Tau Delta host. The 14th Annual Delta Queen competition is held to raise money and awareness for the City of Hope and Jeremy Harrison Scholarship. Each sorority selects a representative and throughout winter and spring quarter and each representative raises money towards the cause.

HC: How did you become involved with this event and why is it important to you?SP: I became involved by being nominated by my best friend Nicole. I really wanted to do this because I have been volunteering at City of Hope for almost 2 and a half years now and I thought it would be nice to give back by not only volunteering my time but also raising money for a research center.

HC: In what ways has volunteering at City of Hope impacted your life personally?SP: These past few years [it] has impacted my life personally in so many different ways. For a short period of time I was able to volunteer on the pediatric floor. Seeing kids go in and out to get treated for cancer played a huge impact on me. Having the opportunity to play with these children, read to them, and listen to stories about much they love their families never failed to put a smile on not only my face, but theirs as well. I learned to live each day to the fullest because anything could happen in a matter of moments. [It] showed me that everybody needs help at some point in his or her life. Lastly it has taught me to give to others without expecting anything in return.  

HC: How can people contribute to the cause?SP: Anyone can contribute to the cause by coming out and supporting the events that I host.

HC: Do you have any fundraisers coming up you want people to know about?SP: I have two set fundraisers that will be approaching soon. On February 19 there will be a "Strike Out for Cure" fundraiser at Universal Strike in Moreno Valley from 8-10pm and it will be $8. This will include two hours of unlimited bowling and shoe rentals; the last hour will be cosmic bowling! There also will be a fun theme! It will be 80s verses 90s. So come out and bowl! Another fundraiser I will be having will be called "Black Tie Affair" it will be on April 3rd! This is a clubbing event. It is a little while away, but mark those calendars! Join the Facebook group to stay in the loop for upcoming events!

HC: For those interested in attending Delta Queen, when is it and how can people buy tickets from you?SP: Delta Queen is going to be held on April 18th at 7:00pm. You can purchase tickets by contacting me directly from the "Miss AXΩ, Sonam Patel for Delta Queen 2014" Facebook page or you can stop by the Alpha Chi Omega letters on a Wednesday when the event gets closer.

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