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Austin Gibbs—Upcoming Artist of the Year

Austin Gibbs is a new upcoming artist that is beginning a wonderful career in music. Aside from having wonderful vocals, Austin plays the guitar and the harmonica, and let me tell you he does it in such a lovely way. Being an upcoming artist, Austin Gibbs has only released five EP’s in which he provides us with delightful music—his most recent being Live 2011 released February 14th.

His music gives listeners a variety of beats and stories. From all five EP’s we get songs about love, experiences, and life. Austin’s song Creepshow, for example, talks about a haunted house in which he lived in for a few months. The soothing, quiet acoustics make this song so relaxing and enjoyable to listen to. However, if you feel like dancing and jumping up and down try “I Like the Ones” or if you want a mellow, relaxing feeling try “February” or “Stop”.

Most importantly, Austin is kind and respectful to his fans. Myself, for example, when writing on his Facebook page he actually replies. If you tweet him he replies to you and if attending his shows he interacts with his fans and you may say be a little flirty making some of the girls in the audience get a little excited! But, of course, he is being kind to his fans.

But lets talk about the obvious—Austin’s famous mustache or also known as the ‘stache. When first attending one of his performances in 2010 it was impossible to ignore what a perfectly shaped mustache he had! Austin claimed to want to shave it off during a chat he held a few weeks ago, but his fans strictly opposed to. This famous ‘stache has become his trademark; you think Austin Gibbs and you picture the infamous mustache.  

Give Austin a listen and I guarantee you will love his music. As many of his followers have claimed “We need more artist like Austin Gibbs”.



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