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Are You Living Like The Main Character Yet?

Every time I meet someone with a main character complex, I am inspired by how confident and intoxicating their energy is. They’re the type of people who seem to have fun in the most teen-angsty-movie type of ways, I’m talking dancing to music like no one is watching and taking cheesy polaroids with the people they love. Embracing this idea that you are the main character of your life is becoming more and more popular with a special push from Gen Z, here’s what it all means:

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Being the main character can be more than just cliche actions, think of it more as an excuse to take control over your own life. Personally, I invoke this mindset the most when I get dressed and when I go on interviews. I choose to dress very boldly and loudly because I want to feel like the main character, why would I wear sweats when I can dress like Jackie from That ‘70’s Show? With interviews, I’ve never been very good at them because I’m very reserved but when I put on those main character lenses and embody a more confident version of myself I feel I do so much better. It’s just an extra motivator to push you to be the best version of yourself.

[bf_image id="59pxsvgx5gmf4brbkvq4g8vw"] TikTok is probably one of the biggest influences in this mass mindset appeal. Around mid-August last year, it was considered to be a compliment if someone called you a “Heather,” this was because TikTok blew up a soundbite from musician Conan Gray whose song was titled “Heather.” Being called a Heather meant being that person that everyone wants to be, the person everyone fawns over. The trend went viral with thousands of people using the sound to create mini movie-like clips where they embraced their own inner Heathers. If there’s anything I took from that trend, it was to put more effort and care into my own perception of how I view myself. 

[bf_image id="4qsnxqh46xk77b5srx6h2ck8"] So go read a book and look a little mysterious at the park, or dress up super cute to your local grocery stores, a little main character complex is healthy and encouraged. This is especially relevant now since it’s so easy to let go and fall into a blur of being at home; take the time to put extra care into yourself and be reminded of how easy it is to take the world back into your own hands. 

Jay Telles

UC Riverside '22

Fourth-year English major with a love for social justice, fashion, and woman empowerment.
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