To All The Boys I’ve Slept With Before

Since the release of the movie, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before in August, I have become enamored with the idea of writing letters just like Lara Jean. I am a huge fan of the book, movie, and romance in general, but have never been in love. So, here’s to (almost) all the boys I’ve slept with before.


P.S. the names in these letters have been changed for my sake and theirs.



(Photo by Septdoigt on unsplash)


Chase was my very first boyfriend and the one I lost my virginity to. We went through a lot of ups and downs, but one thing always stayed consistent throughout our relationship, sex. We did some pretty stupid things together, like have sex in the school restroom, fool around in the back seat of my Dad’s car, and even make a sex tape (don’t make one, trust me). I don’t regret any of it because all my crazy sex stories come from this relationship. We broke up after a year and a half because I got bored. Karma ended up biting me in the ass because he ended up dating my (now ex) best friend!



(Photo by Shelbey Miller on unsplash)


Jesse was the best friend of my best friend. He was pretty much a younger version of Christian Grey. When I say he was good at sex, I mean it. We were both getting into the “hook-up culture” so our best friend set us up! We met up one day and boom…. you know the rest. We started off as friends with benefits but it slowly started turning into something more. Sadly, he realized he still had feelings for an ex-girlfriend and we ended things. We’re still good friends though, and we facetime each other occasionally about possibly hooking up again now that he’s over (for real this time) the other girl. Jesse and I were SO sexually compatible, but there is definitely nothing more to it.



(Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash)


Shane is the most recent guy I’ve been with. I’m actually still going through things with Shane. The way I met him is similar to how I met Jesse. A few friends were coming to visit and amongst the group was Shane. We talked a bit and it eventually led to us hooking up that night. Shane and I had a thing for a few months, but it all ended when he suddenly told me he was talking to another girl. Fast forward a month and his new girl left him for a different guy, so Shane came back to me. I was stupid and let him right into my life again. Shane and I are TOXIC for each other. We don’t agree on anything but for some reason, we always end up coming back to each other.


Although this isn’t a complete list of all the boys I’ve slept with before, these are the boys who have made a significant impact on my life. Even though I went through some tough times because of them, I wouldn’t trade it for anything because the experience helped me grow as a person and taught me to love myself a little more. I’m the designated person that my friends go to when they’re having boy problems because I’ve pretty much been through it all.

Don’t be afraid to have fun and be comfortable with your sex life. You’ll only learn and grow as a person!