9 Tips to Living Drama Free With Your Roommates

Living with friends can be both an amazing college experience that you'll cherish forever and a complete nightmare. Constantly being surrounded by your closest friends is fun, yet factors such as shared bills, getting the rent together by a certain date, a sink full of dishes and no one admitting to being the culprit who never replaces the toilet roll can cause some waves.

Having lived in over 7 different homes my past three years of college, I've had plenty of roommates and experienced plenty of drama. I am currently living with six other people, only two of whom I know names of, and it's beginning to feel a bit like I'm on the Real World, minus the hot tub and camera crew capturing my morning hair. I've lived with close friends, complete strangers, people who like to party and others who rather spend their entire time living virtual lives.To make the most out of living with your roommates this school year and possibly maintain the friendships once the lease expires, read on for my 9 tips to ensure you have a drama free experience.