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Reading slumps are real and if you are an avid book reader like myself, you definitely have gone through multiple. As the “reader’s worst nightmare,” reading slumps could be difficult to break out from. Here are 6 ways one can escape the nightmare

re-read your favorite book.

This is the simplest and personally my favorite way to get out of a reading slump. Re-reading the book that ignited your passion for reading is always a great way to get yourself out of a reading slump! Doing this will remind you why you love to read in the first place and inspire you to read more and more. It will put you in the reading mood and help you find your passion for reading again. You won't be able to put your book down!

Ask For recommendations.

Most of the time we fall into reading slumps because of the lack of diversity in genres! 

We all have a favorite genre but sometimes it’s good for you to change up once in while 

so that the passion for reading stays lit. Although it may be uncomfortable at first, 

exploring new genres will help you get out of the reading slump and who knows you may 

even find your new favorite genre!

Ask for recommendations.

There’s nothing better than a good recommendation. Ask you reader friends their favorite books they might recommend for one to get out of a reading slump. If anyone knows the struggles of a reading slump, it's a fellow bookworm. Recommendations from the people you love and trust is a great way to break out of that reading slump.

Read a short book.

When trying to escape a reading slump, the best tip I can give is always start out with a short book! You never want to jump back into reading with a book like “War and Peace” but instead opt in for the shorter and sweeter reads. Slowly ease back into it and you'll find that love for reading in no time.

make time for reading.

As we all know, life gets busy and sometimes we can never find the time to pick up a book and start reading, allowing our reading slump to get deeper and deeper. Set aside some time everyday for reading, whether it be 30 minute or an hour. This will not only keep you falling into a reading slump, but give you a chance to take a well deserved break.

don't be too hard on yourself.

Remember, it's okay if you don't want to read or finish a book! Allow yourself to be a normal human being and it's okay for you to take a break once in a while. If reading is stressing you out, maybe it’s a good idea for you to drop that book and start another one. Reading is supposed to feel like a pleasure, not an assignment.

With a little patience and hopefully some help from these tips, you are bound to get out of that reading slump. Remember, reading slumps are normal and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Happy reading!

Jasmine Padda

UC Riverside '24

just your average pre-med student that occasionally writes :,)
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