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5 Things to do when the Coronavirus goes away

With the Coronavirus becoming more apparent and concerning, social-distancing and self-quarantining are highly recommended, if not mandatory in certain parts of the world. Unfortunately, along with that comes a lot of boredom, panic, and isolation. However, in a few short months (hopefully) this will all go away, almost as quickly as we found out about it.


Here’s a list of the things you should do right after the virus scare disappears:


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Savannah Dematteo



While scrolling through Tik Tok and Twitter, one of the most common things people are saying is that they regret taking advantage of spending time with people they love. So when this is all over, your butt had better be on full speed to see all of those special people! Just don’t break any laws getting there!



Whether you go to the beach, find a new food spot, go in search of hidden swings you saw on Tik Tok, or just drive, get in the car with your favorite people and go do something young and fun! All that time cooped up in your house means that you’ll have so much energy to let out once you’re no longer caged in!

Molly Schultheis-Tripp


I painfully realize that every minute of every day, I do nothing but school, sleep, and Netflix. I’ve honestly barely eaten because I never know if I’m bored hungry or hungry hungry, but I do know that I’m going to cherish life a little more once this is all over. Kind of like when you get sick and can’t breathe, and the minute you can breathe normally again, you swear you’ll never take advantage of it again.

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Tobias Tullius


One of my biggest regrets is that I am a third-year college student but sometimes I do not know how to take risks or have fun. I am the “mom” of my group. However, I can guarantee that once I am no longer restricted to my house and job, I will be saying “YES!” to everything! We’re only alive once, right?



This virus has caused a lot of chaos. From people losing their jobs with no pay to being separated from their families or support systems to gaining that “COVID 15,” everyone is all out of whack. Even though this is last on my list, doesn’t make it any less important. Get back into a routine that doesn’t involve moving from one room in your house to another because you need a change of scenery or one that doesn’t involve sleeping at all hours of the day because you have LITERALLY nothing else to do. Be active! Go out! Do you!


    While this list is pretty vague, everyone is going to do their own thing when this scare ends. Some people will be lazy, some people will become a little less cautious with their life, and others (like me) are gonna remember this and live life fuller because of it! So should you!

Kayli Strawn

UC Riverside '21

4th Year at UC Riv Just a hopeless romantic who wants a Carrie Bradshaw life. I love reading romance novels and eating mac n cheese or sweet potato fries! If I’m not out on an adventure with my friends, I’m either working as a barista or trying to catch up on some much needed sleep!
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