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5 Things College Students Need

5 things a college student can’t live without.

Besides the essentials like food, water, and shelter, there are five SPECIFIC things a college student can’t live without and I am saying this from experience. I would have no idea where my first year at UCR would be like without these five things.

  1. Post-Its

I know what you are thinking, how does a college student not survive without post-its? Well let me tell you about the multitude of benefits that come with post-its. First, they are great to take side notes on that may seem important but not important enough that you would want to write in your notebooks. Second, they are great means of communication. They convey messages for which texting and calling would not suffice. Lastly, they make a great game. Yes, I said game. If you live in the dorms, you and your roommate can see who can jump the highest on the wall. For more fun, have visitors compete to see which one of them can reach the top.

2.Starbucks Vanilla Cold Coffee or any coffee for that matter

I was never one to drink coffee on a daily basis, I’m still not. But ever since I came to college it is one thing I cannot live without. My fridge is always stocked with Starbucks Vanilla cold coffee. People may say that coffee is bad for your health or what not, but in all honesty coffee helps with your health. Let me explain. You are stressed about homework, tests, midterms, or finals and therefore contribute to the whitening of your hair or the slow degradation of your brain cells. Coffee helps you through your stress by giving you back those hours that could be spent sleeping. Like the expression, “you can sleep when you’re dead.”

  1. Headphones/Earbuds

This one is pretty obvious. Headphones/earbuds are essential for not only college students but for the rest of the world’s population. Headphones act as a escape from the real world by connecting one’s mind to the music of their liking. This is not supposed to sound philosophical or religious but I consider headphones as an entity of God sent to the Earth to help millions of people through stressful, saddening, maddening, or annoying times. There are many instances where I pull out my headphones, hook it up to my music, and just let the sounds transport me to another world.

  1. A beanie/knit hat

A beanie or knit hat is one thing that I cannot live without and I’m sure most of you reading this agree. A beanie is what separates from going through the day looking like a hot mess or a calm, cool, and collected college student. It saves a college student from the humiliation and judgments that can be experienced from other students and peers. They also help keep your head warm on those cold desert nights.

5. A sense of humor

This last thing is not an inanimate object; I look at it as a way of living life. A sense of humor is crucially important thing to have as a college student especially for first years that have yet to experience the years to come. A sense of humor can allow for a student to turn on of their worst days into one of their best days just by laughing the negative away and focusing on the positive. Having a sense of humor makes things such as grades, midterms, finals, or the future seem not so scary. 


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Unnati Gandhi

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I am a first-year Biology major at the University of California, Riverside.
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