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If anyone knows the complete and total struggle of loving fashion but being too short for the trends, it’s this writer right here. Standing in at a whopping 4’11, I can tell you it’s not easy trying to be an icy girl. Through my struggle and failures of trying to figure out how to look great in everything I wear, I’ve uncovered some tips that may help some of my fellow tiny womxn *so excited*


Platform shoes are my best friend, they’re great because when you wear them they not only add an edge to your look, but they add some height too. My current favorites are these trendy black strappy platform sandals I got off of Shein, along with these platform combat boots I got there too. I can’t seem to wear any other shoes since I bought these.


Shorter Bottoms

What ultimately keeps me from looking like I’m drowning in clothes are shorter bottoms. Shorter skirts, dresses, shorts, they compliment my silhouette by showing off my legs and creating a more elongated look, and ladies, ruched mini dresses are a peak compliment, you’ll definitely serve baddie energy with these every time.



Don’t be afraid to cut up clothes a little bit. I love to go thrifting and in my thrifts, I love to find clothes I can upcycle. The plus side is not feeling too bad you cut up a completely new and expensive piece when you thrift. In my last thrift, I bought a maxi skirt, and of course, it was way too long for me but I tried it on, cut it to hit only slightly above my ankle, and hand-stitched the raw edge. Now I’m killing it in a skirt I thought I could never pull off; sewing is your friend!


I think most people know to stay away from horizontal stripes because they make your body look wider and that vertical stripes are the better choice however I’d say stay away from stripes altogether. Monochrome or accent pieces have proven to be what gives my height justice. Stipes can be overpowering and demand attention, but with a more monochrome look, it brings attention to whatever feature you’re showing off rather than the clothes itself. 


Tik Tok is where it’s at, I can not stress how much it has pushed me to try new styles I thought I was too short for. I like to find people with a similar style who match my short girl energy, one of my personal favs is Nava Rose, she makes a lot of content specifically for this community and shows off a lot of the points I made. Nava Rose also has a Youtube channel where she teaches DIY hacks and plenty more tips and tricks. 

Jay Telles

UC Riverside '22

Fourth-year English major with a love for social justice, fashion, and woman empowerment.
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20 year old creative writing major with a love for skincare, representation, and art. When not laying down and watching cartoons, I can be found working on my novel or browsing through baby name forums.