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5 Songs to Listen to If You’re Still Bitter About Love

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

With Valentine’s Day reigning over our heads, I know sometimes it’s hard to witness love in the air when your heart is still broken. And, that’s okay. Here’s 5 songs to listen to help you get through the month:

1. Kali Uchis – Dead to Me

Catchy and fun, but still reminding you that you and your ex don’t have to be enemies; while also letting you know that you don’t have to be friends either. Sometimes the end of a relationship should be just that: the end. 


2. Dua Lipa – Don’t Start Now

A reminder that you should not be letting people into your life who only begin to care when they’re not a part of it anymore. You’ve grown. You’re in a new place. It took some time and it was hard. But, you did it. Celebrate that by recognizing that you can’t heal in places you got sick in. 


3. Alina Baraz – To Me

In the wise words of Alina, you are NOT asking for too much. “You’re asking the wrong motherfucker”. Two completely different things. The right person won’t even have to be asked. They will just be. Until you find them, focus on yourself. On good people, good life, good love, good health and count your blessings. 


4. Justine Skye – Build

One that shows you that there are other fish in the sea!! Sometimes you end up with catfish and turns out, you just haven’t tried caviar. So, figure out what you like. Take the time to figure out what you want and go into your next relationship prepared to notice all the red flags. 


5. Murs – Remember to Forget

Lastly, a song that shows you the ins and outs of relationships. But mostly, it shows you to realize how much better your life is outside of the relationship. So, the next time you want to think about who you were and what you had, think about the glow up you’ve had since then. 


And in the meantime, mend yourself and your heart. This Valentine’s Day does not need to be focused on romantic love. Platonicity exists. And anyway, Fridays are for the girls!! Go get your galantines’ on.

Jasmin Gonzalez

UC Riverside '20

From beauty tips, life hacks, personal diaries, social media cleanses, relationship advice and REALLY unveiling the realities of mental health; keep up with my journey on discussing it all!