5 Songs To Get You Through a Heartbreak


Let’s be real, breakups are tough! I’ve been through my fair share of heartbreaks and these are the songs that helped me get through it. Hopefully, they’ll help you during yours too.


Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi

(Photo by Lewis Capaldi on Youtube)


“Now the day bleeds

Into nightfall

And you're not here

To get me through it all

I let my guard down

And then you pulled the rug

I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved”


Adjusting to life without your significant other can be tough. This song is definitely one of those you cry to.


Dear No One by Tori Kelly


(Photo by Tori Kelly on YouTube)


“So if you're out there I swear to be good to you

But I'm done lookin', for my future someone

Cause when the time is right

You'll be here, but for now

Dear no one, this is your love song”


This is one of those songs you can sing your heart out to. Be hopeful for the future! Everything will work out.


I’ll Still Have Me by CYN


(Photo by CYN on YouTube)


“If I don't have you

At least I'll still have me

And if I don't have you

At least I'll still have me”


Don’t see your breakup as a complete loss. You’ll always have YOU and that’s more than enough.


Told You So by Little Mix


(Photo by Little Mix on YouTube)


“Girl, just come round mine tonight

I’ve got wine and make-up wipes

I'll hold you, I'll hold you

We can put the kettle on

Talk 'bout how he's not the one

I told you

But I'm never gonna say I told you so”


This is the perfect song to sing with your girlfriends! No one will have your back quite like them.


The Break Up by Machine Gun Kelly


(Photo by Machine Gun Kelly on YouTube)


“I wish that I loved you

Or that I cared

Or that I'd even give a damn if you were here

But you're gone so it's fuck you

I'm a player

I am everything that you wanted but you're scared”


Okay, here me out on this one. It’s definitely not the type of song you sing to the top of your lungs. But, it sure is fun singing this song and feeling empowered!


Whether you clicked on this article because you’re going through heartbreak or just because you wanted to find some new songs, I hope you enjoyed this list. If you are going through a a break up, just know that you’ll get through it. Your current situation is not your final destination.