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5 Reasons Why Spring Quarter Can Be Hard To Get Through

People say that Winter Quarter is the hardest quarter because of many reasons, such as the never-ending cold weather. Also because it’s neither the beginning of the school year, nor the end—which makes it seem like it is lasting forever! Spring Quarter on the other hand, is SO close to summer…I mean, we can all see why it can be difficult to get through.

1.      Bipolar weather.

Although it is SUPPOSED to be getting warmer, Riverside is still bipolar. It’s the quarter of wearing shorts and shivering all day, or wearing layers and sweating throughout the afternoon. As if trying to figure out your outfit for the day isn’t hard enough already!

2.      The struggle of trying to fit the gym in with everything else.

This is around the time when people realize they need to be in tip top shape for summer. Everyone’s most likely to be at the gym when they have time to. Well, either that, or they’re in denial and eating everything in sight…like me.

3.      It’s an eventful quarter!

How are we supposed to focus on school when there are so many events going on? I mean: music festivals, parties, graduation, and summer vacation?! I know I’m excited for everything!

4.      End-of-the-year-itis.

Oh end-of-the-year-itis…kind of like senioritis, but it applies to everyone. With the school year coming to an end, students are finding themselves slacking off after putting so much work into the past few quarters. You’re thinking, “Can’t I be done yet?”

5.      One word: summer.

It’s what everyone’s thinking! Spring Quarter is just 10 weeks short of freedom! Most of us have already started the countdown to the last day of finals—I know I have!

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