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5 Healthy Energy Boosting Snacks for Finals

The week we’ve all been waiting to dread is coming… FINALS WEEK! With finals week comes a lot of stress eating. Instead of grabbing that big bag of chips or resorting to living off of energy drinks for the next week, here are some healthy alternatives that will give you the boost you need without all the unneeded calories.

1.     Popcorn

This is a great snack because it’s full of grains and its high in fiber. The trick though is to get popcorn that is low in salt and butter.

2.     Bananas and Peanut Butter

Fruit has natural sweeteners that take longer to metabolize compared to sugars that you would find in candy. When you add peanut butter into the mix, you are adding protein that adds to lasting energy.

3.     Hummus

Hummus is a spread made out of garbanzo beans which provides fiber to helps prolong the feeling of being full. When paired with wheat pita chips it becomes a great alternative to potato chips.

4.     Nonfat Yogurt

Nonfat yogurt or greek yogurt is a great snack because they are full of protein. To get your yogurt a little sweeter, try it with fresh berries and granola cereal.

5.     Dark Chocolate

If you still have a craving for something sweet, dark chocolate is the way to go. Dark chocolate has tons of antioxidants and is healthier than other processed sugars because it won’t deplete the B vitamins that you’ll need for energy.



Eat well and good luck on your finals!

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