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December and the end of the year are here which means it’s time to look poppin’ in those Black Friday outfits we bought ourselves. Of course, an outfit or look isn’t complete without the right lip color to top it all off. Whether you wear a full face of foundation or just stick with a simple look, a lipstick, or lip gloss, can make you shine even more.


(Photo courtesy of Fenty Beauty’s Instagram)


1.  Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored 


I’m literally wearing this lipstick as I write this article. I can’t think of any other color I would personally want to wear for the holidays when my family wears matching red outfits. This lipstick will last you through all the food plates you want to eat, look good, and get your aunts to compliment you. It’s such a beautiful red and compliments every type of skin tone. You’ll definitely look amazing in those holiday photos.

(Photo courtesy of Too Faced’s Instagram)


2. Too Faced Melted Matte Gingerbread Man


Too Faced has some of the best smelling lip glosses, and this one is no exception. Yes, it’s another red, but this brick red has a great scent of gingerbread; it also keeps my lips hydrated throughout the day. I snagged this one up during a sale, and I’ll probably wear it a few more times throughout winter. If you’re a fan of orange-toned lips, this is the one for you. It goes great with those people who like to wear black jeans to family parties.


(Photo Courtesy of Glossier’s Instagram)


3. Glossier Lip Gloss in Holographic


This lipgloss is like snow in a tube. It makes your lips shine beautifully, and their undefeated formula keeps dry lips away hours after you wear it. I’ve been using Glossier lip gloss since 2016, and I was so excited when they released two new colors. This color is going to be in my tote for the holidays when I don’t want any extra color on my face, but I still want my lips to look good.  


4.  Jouer’s Duochrome High Pigment Pearl Lip Gloss in Sea Glass

(Photo courtesy of Jouer’s Instagram)


Jouer has been #1 in my heart for lip toppers. Even their regular lipgloss, like this one in Sea Glass, can make any lipstick color look absolutely amazing. I’ve been shopping with Jouer for a few years now, and their lip products always smell good, are comfortable despite the sparkle, and they make my lips look amazing. They know what they’re doing, and if you’re going to trust anyone to make your lips look amazing and sparkly in family photos, Jouer is the shop to go to. 


No matter what kind of person you are, there’s always going to be lip products that match who you are and what you’re looking for, and there are always new ones being made. Remember to take care of your lips this winter by pampering them with Vitamin E rich products like some of the ones above.


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