22 things I learned by 22

A list of 22 things I learned by the time I turned 22:


1. Do not be afraid to fall in love. With places, with people, with things. Especially with yourself. 


2. Tell the people you care about that you care about them while you still can. Give them flowers while they can still smell them. 


3. Learn how and when to apologize. 


4. Some things are better left unsaid. 


5. It is okay to put yourself first. Your emotions are a priority. 


6. Take on new opportunities as they come. You’ll never know what’s right for you if you don’t first figure out what’s wrong for you. 


7. Invest in the spaces that makes you feel safe. 


8. Mind your business. Don’t go sticking your nose in situations that do not concern you. 


9. Deal with your trauma on your own terms. Give yourself time to heal, and be patient with the process. 


10. Buy the plane ticket. Travel, travel, travel. There is so much beauty in the world waiting to be seen. 


11. Go to therapy. Even on the days you don’t want to. 


12. You will not be right all of the time. And that is alright. Accept when you’re wrong, accept the constructive criticism it comes with and grow from it. 


13. Eat your fruits and veggies, and drink your water. You only have one body. Take care of it. 


14. The ugly parts of mental health will come in waves. Keep swimming. 


15. Stop wishing away your youth. You will only be in the moment that you’re in right now, RIGHT NOW. Cherish it.


16. Do not continue to give energy to one-sided relationships, platonic or romantic. 


17. Expand your palate. Your tastebuds deserve more than pizza and burgers. 


18. Say thank you. 


19. You aren’t overreacting. You are reacting. And that is valid. 


20. Spend more time outdoors and less time on your phone. 


21. Learn to stand up for things you believe in. 


22. Contrary to popular belief, you are not running out of time. Life is not a race. 


Bonus: vive la vida con calma.