12 Step Program to Getting Over a Guy

We've all been there. Rejection. A nine letter word that causes even the most confident of girls to question and analyze every move they've made in their entire relationship. It happens to the best of us, and most of the time we don’t even see it coming. We seek help from friends, try to get it out of our minds by singing "Someone Like You" in front of the mirror enough times to fill in for Adele at the next Grammys.

Getting over a guy isn't easy. It doesn't matter if it was never official or if the flirtationship only lasted two weeks. In love or not, every guy who crosses our path is going to leave a mark. How is a girl supposed to get used to not waking up to a daily good morning text? Do you mean to tell me our trips to McDonalds at 1 a.m. are no longer happening? In my opinion, there should be a mandatory weaning off process, at least that would make the attention withdrawals a bit more bearable.

Not to sound like a snob, but I've had enough boyfriends/flings/make out buddies to have developed a surefire method of getting over a guy. Think of it like a 12-step program, except the goal is to let go of what you once had with a boy and move on. Not to be confused with having moved on, but still quietly waiting for the perfect moment to take your revenge. (Guilty of that one, but hey, even I'm not perfect!) By the end of these 12 steps, you would have hopefully stopped spontaneously crying throughout the day and wishing your ex would be found guilty of academic dishonesty and kicked out of school.

1. Cut off All Contact
This is the most important step of all, but also the most difficult. Going from talking to someone on a regular basis to not at all is going to be very painful, but trust me, after three days it gets so easy. So just make sure to hold out on any contact for three whole days! To do this effectively, do not text, call, e-mail Facebook message,send a fax or any other crazy idea that will pass through your brokenhearted head. And just because I didn't include something ridiculous like a handwritten letter on the list does not justify the fact that you should take that route. To make this easier, delete him from your contacts. If you really want to save his number, write it down somewhere else. You don't have to delete him on Facebook, but at least unsubscribe from his updates for a while. Also, go offline to him specifically — this will save you the hurt feelings when both of you are online and he doesn't shoot you a message.

2. Eat Your Feelings
Warning! This step takes preparation! One does not simply spend a whole weekend crying his or her eyes out without any type of planning. Movies need to be rented, candy needs to be bought, the freezer needs to be stocked with ice cream! After all this has been done, put on your biggest t-shirt and favorite pajama pants and just crawl into bed. Then it's just you, your bowl of popcorn, and a Nicholas Sparks movie. Don’t listen to those people who say, "Don’t watch The Notebook after after a break-up." How am I expected to get the tears flowing? Plus, Ryan Gosling's body is beautiful enough to make me forget about any guy!