10 Ways to Tell if You're Ready for Winter Break

     Hello HC Cuties! As Thanksgiving passes and the last round of midterms and finals are on the horizon, nothing sounds better than going home and doing nothing but vegging out in your bed and watching Gilmore Girls or listening non-stop to that new band you found. Weekends don’t seem to have enough hours to allow you to get everything you need to get done, in between cramming for your upcoming exams, doing lab write-ups and writing essays for that pesky elective you regret ever signing up for.  Read the following statements and if you can relate to more than three of them, then you are definitely ready for winter break!

It isn’t even December and you’re already singing Christmas songs


You’ll only drink pumpkin/peppermint flavored drinks


  You’re even looking forward to the ugly sweater parties and

       awkward family gatherings (i.e. getting stuck under the mistletoe

with that weird boy/girl your parents are trying to set you up with)


The cold mornings make it really hard to get out of bed —

not that it’s any easier to get up early normally, but the cold makes it even worse


Netflix and your warm bed and blankets call to you whenever you want to be productive


All you ever want to wear to school are sweats, warm sweaters, boots and beanies 

don't worry, Drake understands


As much as you want to complain about only having two weeks

of winter break now, those two weeks sound like absolute heaven


You’ve spent more time writing your Christmas wish list and New Year’s

resolutions than that essay you have due at the end of the quarter


You’ve started buying workout clothes for your New Year’s

resolution of getting in shape (for the third year in a row)


All you want to do is fast forward through finals until you can finally celebrate the

fact that you survived this quarter and you can welcome a new year and quarter this 2015!


Hang in there, HC Cuties!