An Open Letter to the Girl Who Feels Trapped in Her Relationship

To the Girl Who Feels Trapped in Her Relationship,


I’m sorry. I’m sorry you feel trapped in your relationship. I understand what it is like; I know that you love him. You came into this relationship thinking that he was your Prince Charming. He was your Superman that was going to save the day.Now that things have changed, you feel trapped. 


You need to look for the warning signs that this relationship is not healthy. One of the first warning signs is if he pressures you into an exclusive commitment immediately. Does he say thinks like “I’ve never felt loved like this before”? That’s a red flag. More red flags include constant jealousy, being overly controlling, If he is constantly going through your text messages, asking who you were with, or pressing you about a night out with your friends, there’s a problem. The scariest sign is the isolation. He makes you cut off your friends and family. You try to make new friends and he gets mad. It isn’t right and it isn’t healthy. If he blames others for his own mistakes and nothing is ever his fault, there’s a problem. This is why you are feeling trapped. This relationship is not healthy.


I’ve been there before. The laugh that you thought was cute has become annoying. His outgoing personality has turned into him talking too much. But what can you do? What can you do when that man that you love, the man that you thought was perfect was anything but? How can you throw something away that has lasted so long? How can you be alone after being with someone for what feels like forever?


The easy answer is: just go. Life isn’t always that easy though. How can you deal with being alone? Remember that you’re never alone. He is not your Prince Charming, you are your Prince Charming. You have the power to save your own day. You are the sun and you are meant to shine. You shouldn’t feel trapped in a relationship because you are afraid to be alone because how can you ever be alone when you are a goddess? If you love yourself, if you take care of yourself, you will never feel alone. Love yourself enough to get what you deserve in life and be happy. Nobody can ever take that away from you.


Communication is key in a relationship. If things are not going right, talk about them. If you feel this relationship is worth it, then express what you feel. If this relationship is not what you want, or if you feel unsafe then leave. If you are in need of help, you can contact the CARE Office on our campus at 209- 386- 2051 or visit them in KL107. You’re not alone in this and you never will be. 


Love Always,


The Girl Who Was Trapped