What Does Your Halloween Outfit Choice Say About You?

Halloween is coming up, and if you are reading this it is probably because you still have NO idea what to dress up as. Let me give you some insight into what your outfit choice says about you.

  1. 1. The Dark Witch 

    If the Sorting Hat was put onto you, what house would you be? No need to answer that… you would most definitely be put into Slytherin House! You love to accessorise, I am talking about all things hats, belts and even broomsticks!!! You are also very smart with your money! Technically for this kind of look you probably only need to buy the broomstick and hat. As you and I very much know that your wardrobe has over 50 different shades of black, so you have plenty of choices of how to pull off this look beyond the accessories.

  2. 2. The Fallen Angel 

    You are no evil devil yet, but you are not completely some innocent angel either. You are between the two in limbo. You do not need to wear a halo with your outfit, your highlighter alone is enough to brighten your entire look. But you will probably buy a halo anyway because it matches so well with your entire outfit. By the end of the night you will be wondering whether you look a bit over dressed compared to everyone else, and probably wish you just dressed up as a Sim character instead to look more lowkey.

  3. 3. The Disney Pricess (without the Happy Ending)

    Since forever you have wanted to be a real Disney Princess, and now you will be for the entire night. Like Cinderella, your dress will probably disappear at midnight when the clock strikes midnight! But the only difference is that in your case the magical effect on your will be alcohol or a sugar rush, not the Fairy Godmother. Also, the next day perhaps your Prince Charming will not come looking for you. You will put a lot of effort into mastering your look, you visited every fancy dress costume store nearby to you and countless. You are single, yet you have also already planned your Disney themed wedding.

  4. 4. Daddy’s Lil Monster

    Halloween is no biggie for you compared to the countless comics conventions you attend every year. Superwomen, Catwomen, Poison Ivy, Storm, Wonder Women, and the list goes on and on. You have more comic character outfits than you can ever wish to wear, all of which you sewed yourself with very own blood, sweat and tears. You will probably just dress up as a popular comics character because if you go as your favourite nobody will be able to guess who you are correctly.

  5. 5. Day of the Dead

    Twinning with anyone on Halloween? You do not think so! You chose this look because you thought it was original, outside of the box in fact. But you were really wrong, you can spot a handful of people who are also wearing looks inspired by the Day of the Dead. But you no longer care because you know that your make up is 10 times more on point than theirs. The real reason you chose this look was to show off your make up skills and upload pics to your second Instagram account dedicated to all things make up.

Please do not tell me that you still have NO idea what to dress up as this Halloween. By now you should know what you and each of your friends should wear.