Fresher Tips: 7 Things to Bring Clubbing With You!

When I was a Fresher all kinds of things went wrong when I went clubbing! My debit card was stolen by someone who spent just over £500 on clothes in the space of 2 hours, leaving me struggling to get home safe. My phone broke or in some cases my phone network did not work, leaving me and my freinds to struggle to find each other in the crowds. There is a lot more which can go wrong when it comes to going clubbing. Here are my top 7 tips to make your night out successful:

  1. 1. Condoms

    Trust me you will thank yourself for bringing one regardless of whether you will be getting some or not – either for your own sake or the sake of your besties. It will save you the avoidable stress of potentially of all things relating to potential pregnancy and STI scares, and even worse actual unwanted pregnancy and STI scares. Before you even think of complaining that condoms are expensive, you can get some for FREE under the C-card scheme for us students aged 18 to 24! Also, no excuses that you do not know where to find these free condoms, the NHS have loads of places across the whole of London (and throughout the country) to them. 

  2. 2. Chewing Gums and Mints

    I don’t even want to smell the breath of that unlucky friend who had to drink the bowl full of all kinds of alcoholic concoctions at the end of a hard core round of ring of fire. And don’t even get me started on that friend who always drinks way too much despite being an absolute total lightweight and now has puked all over the bathroom during pre-drinks. This person may have had enough time to sober up before hitting the club, but the smell coming from their mouth whiffs of pure vomit. In these cases, chewing gum or mint may come in handy to let your friends freshen up!

  3. 3. Portable Phone Charger

    Even in the nightmare case whereby your purse with all your cash, bank cards, Student ID and Oyster Card somehow disappears, at least you will have enough phone battery to Uber home (or use Kapten or Bolt if you are cheap like me!). And you will have a phone wallet you can use your phone as a contactless card to munch on some maccie ds, but without the free chicken mayo or McFlurry your Student ID could have given you.  

  4. 4. A phone with working calls and data

    Nobody from your Snapchat and Instagram story audiences will know that your eyebrows are on fleek, your highlighter is brighter than the sun, and your night out was lit if you do not post every 5 minutes. There is no point having a fully charged phone on a night out if you cannot even use it when you need to. All joking aside, it might actually be useful that at the end of the night you can check that all your friends make it home safely!

  5. 5. Agreed Meeting point 

    This may sound a bit stupid but there is always that one person who wonders off to the toilet or smoking area, and then you do not see them again for the next 2 hours until they randomly appear again. You will probably be spending half your night looking for one another, making your night out stressful rather than enjoyable. It would make things 100 times easier if you just agreed on a meeting point to find one another if anyone gets lost, because 8/10 you will not get really poor network and wifi in the club to use your phone to contact each other. Your agreed meeting point could be something as silly as the left side of the stage next to the DJ decks!

  6. 6. ID!

    This may sound obvious but there is always one person who forgets to bring one and ends up losing it a really stupid place which takes ages to find like your makeup box. You do not accidentally want to be the reason that everyone misses entry to the club as you somehow lost your ID. Or even worse, you do not want to have to stay at home whilst everyone else is out having a great time.

  7. 7. Yourself!

    Most importantly, when you go out clubbing with your mates you need to be yourself! If you don’t like drinking at all or much then go to the club sober, do not feel pressured to drink beyond your limits due to pressure to ‘fit in’. If everyone else at the end of the night is getting beef burgers and you are vegan, do not be afraid to order chips to stick to who you really are.  If everyone has skin out in their crop tops and tight skirts, do not feel as if you will be out of place wearing your jump suit or jeans and a nice top!

My advice is that everything I mentioned is great advice of things to bring to the club. You now know what to bring to the club to have a night of success, without the stress of the many problems me and my friends experienced when we were freshers. But, the most important things to remember from this article in my opininon is to bring condoms and your true self to the club!