The Best 5 London Parties for Queer Woman Right Now

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

The White Chapel Gallery’s recent exhibition on Queer Spaces past and present underlined a sad truth about post-gentrification London: LGBTQ friendly spaces are disappearing faster than the ice caps are melting. Worse still, amongst those that remain, there are woefully few set up with specifically queer womxn in mind. So I made it my mission to hunt down (mostly via Instagram, aka the millennial bible) the club nights that have emerged from the ashes like a pink, glittery phoenix.

I here present my definitive list of tried and tested club nights that cater to queer womxn in the capital: go forth and party, covered in as much or as little [eco-friendly] glitter as you like:

1)     Pxssyliquor:

Cabaret to change the world, with a damn good boogie afterwards. Sweat, sing and smash the patriarchy along with local drag performers of every shape, size and gender!

2) Female Trouble:

Named after John Water’s filthy 70s flick, dance to heavy beats with Dalston’s creatures of the night. The kind of party where the photographer has a polaroid: wear a choker and you’ll fit right in.

3) Butch Please

London’s ‘coolest lesbian club night’ according to the Evening Standard, share space with queer womxn of all ages over a pint and a whole lot of Belinda Carlisle. Wholesome, friendly and always packed to the brim, one not to miss!

4) PxssyPalace

A night centred around queer womxn, Trans, NB & Intersex POC, expect an electric atmosphere and looks to kill. Fresh DJs and performers come together with a fierce crowd to make an unforgettable night.

5) Gal Pals

A Brighton-born party and a half, playing exclusive music by womxn, the DJ shouting GIRLS over Charli XCX’s ‘Boys’ sums up the vibe. Expect a friendly crowd who’ve probably got a lot of plants at home.


Others worth mentioning are the iconic Queer Prom, Cookie Jar, Clash Bash and Call me a Wimp (all can be found on Instagram), but here are a few to get you started. Go and ditch the essays for a night to experience some queer theory IRL, it’s well worth the potential hangover. I promise!