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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC London chapter.

Whether or not you are an international student like me, your anxiety level as a college freshman is pretty high! We are all trying to find our feet. After all, it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and into the ‘world’ out there. So, here is a list of apps that might help you in making your college experience easier!  

City Mapper

City Mapper is your one stop for all things transport. In a city like London, choosing the best way to travel from point A to point B can be a confusing thing to navigate. Here is your solution! City Mapper integrates all modes of transport to display which is the most viable option, both in terms of the money you would likely spend and the speed at which you reach your destination.

London Coffee Network

It’s pretty hard to imagine life as a college student without coffee, right? London Coffee Network helps you to find an alternative to good old Starbucks and its skyrocketing prices. Instead, London Coffee Network lets you explore the artisanal coffee shops near you. And, guess what? You can use your points to get free coffee!


One thing that all of us need to keep in mind when we make plans to party late into the evening is that we need a way back! Even though Uber may prove to be a tad bit more expensive compared
to public transport, it is definitely the safer option. The ride is tracked, so that means you can share your ETA with someone else. Another upside is that the driver’s name, license and contact number is stored on your Uber ride history, so if you forget something you have means to retrieve it.

Tickety Split

Here is an opportunity for you to travel on a budget! Tickety Split has cheap tickets available. Sometimes, there are even offers with a 50% discount! And all this is just a click away.


An event app, Dice provides information and tickets about gigs that might be happeningaround you. Whether you are a party animal or need a break from studies, this can be your fun yet affordable fix for the weekend.


Cycling has always been enjoyable, but with Mobike, it can be easy as well. All you need to do is scan the QR code and unlock the bike. After you are done, park it at your destination by manually locking it. Just a few quick steps and you have a ride!

In today’s day and age, technology plays such an integral role in making our lives simpler. Click and done! These apps will help if you find yourself at a dead end. They’ll just be there in your pocket guiding you through the otherwise daunting aspects of university life like getting lost or even finding an affordable place to hang out.

Nishtha Saraf

UC London '24

I am studying History with a year abroad at University College London. I am a foodie who likes travelling, reading, playing soccer and watching Formula 1.
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