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7 Food Bloggers You Need to Follow on Instagram

When I was young, my mother asked me “Do you eat to live or do you live to eat?”. My answer was the very obvious one, I live to eat. Duh! So here are my 7 favourite food bloggers you need to follow if you like looking at good food, cooking good food and especially if you like eating good food.

1. Damn Delicious 

Chungah Rhee from Chicago brings us quick (literally- most of them take minutes) and healthy recipes. I am pretty sure composing the perfect picture takes more time than actually making the food! Along with her cute little dog Butters, this is one adorable Instagram page you should follow. Through this page, Rhee made me realise that delicious food does not have to be elaborate or time consuming.

2. Closet Cooking 

From Toronto, Kevin Lynch has proved to us all that ‘size doesn’t matter’. Even though he has a cooking space the size of a closet (not an exaggeration!), he never fails to inspire his followers with his vibrant pictures and appealing recipes. The zucchini cheese bread especially is something you’ll want to keep making again and again! If you want your motto in life to be ‘never have a dull meal again’, he is the one to follow.

3. Cookie and Kate

Are you a vegetarian looking for whole food recipes? Then hit the follow button on Cookie and Kate. And don’t worry, even if you’re not a vegetarian, Kate’s dishes are made with fresh produce and wholesome ingredients – you might not even miss the meat! Personally, I’ve never been a quinoa girl but after trying the veggie burger recipe, trust me when I say I was a changed woman. 

4. Breakfast in Sydney

Along with the advent of Masterchef Australia, Sydney has become one of the ultimate food destinations. So if you’re interested in what Australia has to offer, Breakfast in Sydney should be your first choice. The dishes are lovely to look at and, trust me, beyond even your wildest dreams. Imagine a plate of pancakes with mascarpone, honey walnuts, maple syrup and berries. A dish as simple as pancakes, elevated to the next level… You’ll want to jump on the next plane to Australia ASAP! With Breakfast in Sydney you’re in for a treat.

5. Girl Eat World

We’ve all heard of Sabrina Carpenter’s Disney show Girl Meets World, well this blog is Girl Eat World! And if you ask me, it’s much better than the TV show. Combining the two best things, food and travel, this page will definitely make your day (and your feed). It is one of the many pages that will make you wish COVID-19 never happened. Girl Eat World makes me wish I had a six month holiday twice a year and a very high metabolism.

 6. Minimalist Baker

What could be more welcoming than the words ‘all eaters welcome’, and this health and wellness page does inclusive cooking to a T. Easy to make, quick, and mostly vegan recipes, Minimalist Baker has something for everyone! What’s more, they also give you simple desserts and party recipes, because we all deserve a treat sometimes. The garlicky sweet potato noodle pasta is a personal favourite of mine because it has heaps of flavour and just 8 ingredients!

7. Shivesh17

Have a sweet tooth? Check. Looking for easy-to-find ingredients? Double Check. Shivesh Bhatia from India meets all these needs, with desserts so delicious they make you want to reach into the screen and take a bite. From cupcakes to brownies to cookies, he has everything covered and more. I tried his lemon cupcake recipe and have never looked back since!

Each of these bloggers have cultivated the inner foodie in me and if you are someone who loves to cook, and more importantly, eat, you need to follow these food bloggers!



Nishtha Saraf

UC London '24

I am studying History with a year abroad at University College London. I am a foodie who likes travelling, reading, playing soccer and watching Formula 1.
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