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3 Tips to Mastering Long Distance Relationship

Whether you and your bae are long distance over university breaks, or just during the entire time you study, you may want to master being in a long distance relationship. The advice I tell you could be useful because you have newly gotten into a long distance relationship, or you have been having some problems in the one you are currently in. What is meant by a long distance relationship is different for all. Long distance for some could mean living at two different sides of the country like London to York, to different parts of the globe such as London to Australia. Either way, in a long distance relationship you probably will not see your loved one frequently in person, and for many this can be a real struggle. As somebody who has successfully been in a long distance relationship these are my tips to master being in a long distance relationship:


By communication I do not mean messaging and calling each other every second of the day, that is probably a bit too intense for anyone. By communication I mean finding the appropriate balance between time for yourself, work, study and us time between you and the person you are in a long distance relationship with. For some, this may be a 30 minute phone call every day, for others it will be a 30 minute phone call every two weeks. With a lack of in person presence in long distance relationships the backbone of your relationship really lies in the communication you have. This is why many people in long distance relationships set aside time to engage in sexting to make up for their lack of in person intimacy, regardless of the time differences. Just make sure that you both are on the same page in terms of how you communicate with each other and how often, this will stop any arguments arising due to too much or little communication between the two.


In long distance relationships a lot of compromises need to be made. Such as you may have to be awake at some inconvenient times to enable optimal communication. Or always being the one to travel abroad to visit your boyfriend. However, the compromises made needs to be two sided, you cannot be expected to be doing all the hard work whilst the person you are with does not and vice versa. Compromise is probably the hardest bit of a long distance relationship because often as people we can be very stubborn to change our entire lifestyle to fit someone else in. Compromise is good because it means also that you get to do all the things you enjoy and the person you are with needs to respect that, such as going out with the girls for cocktails every Friday night.

Common Aims

I am not saying you both need to want to have 3 children as well as live and work in Paris or something like that. I am talking more about your common aims for the near future rather than the far future. Such as, do you see yourself still being together long distance in a years time, is there any progress being made in regard to one of you considering to relocate in order to make the relationship work. It is important that when going through the difficulties of a long distance relationship that you are able to know what you will be gaining out of it. There is no point going through all the struggles of a long distance relationship if you both are not on the same page about what will come out of it, otherwise it will be a waste of both of your times.

Regardless of how long and how far your long distance relationship is you now know my 3 top tips to mastering it! So we do not want you complaining about your long distance relationship anymore. 

Peaches was the first ever Her Campus Community Correspondent at the University College London Chapter. She became involved in Her Campus as she is passionate about the empowerment of women as well as raising awareness of the inequalities and prejudices women face in their day to day lives.
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