Why You Need to be Listening to Haim


Photo credit:Vogue

Sisters Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim make up the uber-cool, girl group that is Haim. Born and raised in LA, these girls have had the music gene born into their DNA. Their parents had a coverband act in the day, so music has always been pulsing through their bloodstream. It wouldn’t be long before the girls started showing their innate talent. Fast forward two decades, the Haim sisters are grown women with a grown sound that has awarded them many gracious compliments and sold out shows. Years of picking up new instruments and working for different artists, ultimately resulted in the girls musical growth. Working under different music moguls made the sisters realize that they wanted to make music with each other, not other artists. Notably, Danielle was Jenny Lewis’s guitarist for years. Having time apart from one another solidified the girls’ desire to dedicate their time to the family music business. And so Haim was born.

First time listeners like to say their sound closely resembles that of a Stevie Nicks Fleetwood Mac vibe, while the sisters strongly believe they have more of a pop vibe to them. Regardless, there is no doubt that their music has been influenced by the “Landslide” days of yore. Haim most definitely ticks off the box of belonging in the pop rock genre. Indie influences lend a soft sound fans often recognize in songs.

Este, the oldest sister, plays bass and lends her vocals when middle child Danielle, lead singer and guitarist, isn’t belting out their infectious lyrics. Youngest sister, Alana, is a jack of all trades being proficient in vocals and guitar, while playing her mainstay drums. Each sister brings a different element to the band. Watching a live show of them either in person or on YouTube is highly entertaining. They feed off of each others energies in a way only sisters who know each other so well can. Haim fans have interestingly noted that in concert the girls have more of a rock and roll vibe, where as the studio album sounds and feels more pop.

Lucky for us, Haim just released their second studio album that came out this July. Something to Tell You still remains true to sounds off their first album Days are Gone, but has grown up with the girls in such a spectacular way. What can be only described as modern oldies, each track is and will be relevant classics for all time. Arguably, I wish almost every track was a single because the world needs to hear songs beyond, the still incredible, “Want You Back”. My personal, and soon to be your, favorites include “Ready For You” and “You Never Knew”. “You Never Knew” is the anthem you never knew you needed. It’s that song that perfectly describes how your ex never knew how good he/she had it. It’s not a bop that carries any contempt through it, oppositely it positively connotes a reminiscence of the past.

Lucky for you, Haim just announced their “Sister Sister Sister” Tour- can we please appreciate that they named their tour this; the name completely embodies their personality and dynamic. If you already have Coachella tickets for week two, get excited because Haim is one the main acts headlining that week alongside Beyoncé and another personal favorite, Børns! Click here to see all the glorious dates you can catch your new favorite girls perform live!