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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas You Haven’t Thought of Yet

It’s that time of the year again—the time that causes at least one person in every couple to stress out because he or she can’t seem to plan a desirable Valentine’s Day Date. When you try to come up with ideas, you figure that you have already done it or that it costs too much (talk about that college life).

Well, stress no more, because I’ve come up with a list of date ideas to cover it all: no-cost date ideas, low to medium cost date ideas, and even the pricey stuff! If you can’t figure out what you want to do to treat your boo on Valentine’s Day, hopefully this list will help—just pick and choose like you would with any outfit and boom: you’ve got your perfect Valentine’s Day date.

Pricey Dates

This list is for you big ballers out there.


  • Stargazing (with a twist) at Turtle Rock



Stargazing is a typical date idea, so why not go all out? If you want an extra-special, unexpected Valentine’s Day date, get your SO a star! On the International Star Registry, you can name a star after your SO and surprise them by showing them on the big day. They even have a kit dedicated to Valentine’s Day which can be purchased here. Prices of the kits range from $54 to $489. And have you ever heard of Turtle Rock? It’s a popular Irvine hiking trail, but the view at the top is stunning, city lights, stars and all. So, yeah—this Valentine’s Day, grab your fanciest bottle of champagne or sparkling cider, head up to the Turtle Rock Trail, pack a couple of blankets, and go stargazing with a twist.


  • Rooftop Dinner & Disney Date


How could you ever go wrong with a Disney Date?! Spend the day in Disney, and for dinner, head over to The Fifth in Anaheim—it’s a beautiful rooftop restaurant with a super lively vibe and an incredible view of Disneyland. They often have live music. Don’t forget to make reservations, though, and be aware that it becomes 21 & over after 10 pm!

  • Polaroid, Scrapbook, & Skyspace LA


No one can deny that Polaroid pictures are just way too cute. So, why not incorporate them into your V-Day date? Either grab an Amazon deal or head to Walmart the day-of and get yourself a cute little polaroid - they’re usually between $50-$70, which I’d say is a steal. Don’t forget to buy some extra film, as well. While you’re there, head to the arts & crafts aisle to pick up whichever DIY scrapbook suits your liking the best. Once you have everything, start snapping away as your Valentine’s adventure starts. End the night with a trip to Skyspace LA — prices of tickets range between $19 and $43, so make sure you pick the package you like best. Once you’re there, take as many pictures as you want with your polaroid, and at the end of the night, take some time together to put all the polaroids from your Valentine’s Day adventures in the scrapbook and write/decorate whatever you guys want.


Low- to Medium-Cost Dates

If you’re willing to spend some money on Valentine’s Day but don’t want to spend too much, then this list is for you.


  • Huntington Beach & Bonfire



Spend the day at Huntington Beach! Huntington is great because there’s tons to do - rent some roller blades or a bike, eat tons of the beach-side food, swim, surf, eat some yummy beach-side fast food, do a bit of shopping… And at the end of a day of fun & relaxing, watch the sunset.. And let’s be real, you can never go wrong with a bonfire date — you get to snuggle up, eat s’mores, chill on the beach, I mean, what more could you really want? Here’s a list of what you’ll need: some wood, fire fuel, a match or two, loads of s’mores materials, maybe some hotdogs, chairs if you’d like,  and blankets… lots and lots of blankets. Enjoy your night, snag a bonfire as soon as you can, and don’t forget that the beach closes at 10!


  • Food Truck Venture

If you go to UCI and haven’t taken a single trip over to some of Santa Ana’s legendary food trucks… you haven’t lived. If you have, well, then you know why I’d dedicate an entire date to these food trucks.

Make your date a food truck venture — try a little bit from a lot of food trucks! Simply visit this list of Santa Ana’s most highly rated food trucks and knock ‘em out. Don’t forget to have some cash on you while you’re out.


  • Griffith Observatory, LACMA Rain Room, &  City Exploration


First, head over to Griffith Park. It has one of the most beautiful views of LA that you’ll ever see, and it’s free! Once you’re done, head over to LACMA—Los Angeles County Museum of the Arts. If you’ve never heard of the LACMA Rain Room, you have to go. It makes for the cutest silhouetted couple pics in addition to just being extremely unique and so worth the tickets. And after you leave the rain room, go head out and explore the rest of LA. You can stop by one of the food trucks that’s always right outside of LACMA or head to any of these cool places: the Last Bookstore, Disney Concert Hall, any of the parks in the city, or anywhere else you see that sparks your interest!


No-Cost Dates

Okay, so some of these dates won’t actually be absolutely no cost, because sometimes you have to factor in that annoying cost of transportation or a little bit of food. Besides this, if you’re ballin’ on a budget, then this list is for you.


  • Picnic in the Park


Take a little walk over to Aldrich or Mason Park and enjoy a nice day out in the sun with your SO. Bring a blanket, make some quick snack foods to bring along, and simply enjoy a relaxing time together in the park. If you want some more to do, bring board games or even some papers and pens to improvise! You’d be surprised at how refreshing it is to just spend a pressure-free, relaxing day with your SO in some fresh air.

  • Sunrise & Hike


For you early-birds out there, switch up the Valentine’s Day stereotypes and start your date early! Before the sun rises, head out over to any of these scenic hiking trails and literally start the day with your SO. There’s nothing like being up before the world starts moving. Don’t forget to pack some water and snacks.

  • DIY Photoshoot


Let’s face it—we all love to have cute pictures with our SO’s, but getting them on the go can be difficult. Well, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for cute pics, and what’s better is that there’s a way to get them without having to even leave your house. First, go find a wall with a decent amount of space—it could be inside or outside. Hang up your favorite blanket, wrapping paper, or just any backdrop of your liking. Grab as much lighting as you possibly can if it’s nighttime or indoors, and voila, you’ve got yourself a photoshoot backdrop! If you don’t have a camera, use an automatic timer on your phone and prop it up somewhere to capture some cute pics, or just take some selfies. Be prepared to make everyone jealous with your cute couple pics on Instagram. When you’re done, I mean, you’re home, so cuddle up and watch some Netflix… and chill (wink wink ;)).

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