The Vagina Monologues: Your Vagina is a Flower

From Feb. 21 to Feb. 23, V-Day UCI put on its annual production of The Vagina Monologues, a play originally written by Eve Ensle to raise conversations about women’s sexuality, social stigmas and awareness about sexual violence and abuse. The theme, “Your vagina is a flower, nurture it and help it bloom,” was apparent through the overall aesthetic of the artistic pamphlets and production set, which displayed a beautifully painted orchid decorated with twinkling lights! What had initially been a quiet night of studying, turned into a surprisingly wonderful night of cheers, giggles and solemn solidarity with those who had experienced or witnessed violence against women.

Throughout the play, I couldn’t help but laugh at the witty, creative monologues performed by the V-Day UCI cast. The monologues ranged from sassy stories told by female characters of all shapes, sizes and colors, to back and forth banter over the best types of moans – my favorite being Hermione’s “Leviosaaaghhhhh!” Being a prude (according to everyone who knows me), I found it surprisingly refreshing to be surrounded by open discussion about vaginas, sexual tension, and everything typically kept on the hush. The mood lightened by personifying the vagina. It made the vagina seem like a gentle, delicate creature that required attention. Rather than skirting the topic, I felt more comfortable about the whole ordeal. It felt okay to talk about sexual health and its social stigmas, especially since it affects me whether I like it or not. Nevertheless, the V-Day UCI cast and crew did an amazing job at putting on yet another successful show. Bravo!

S/O to the V-Day Production Crew for inviting the Her Campus UCI Team to your show!

*All photos were taken by Christine Chen