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Transition From Winter to Spring

Even though we barely had any winter weather here in Irvine, I still loved rocking black outfits this season. Here is my take on how I would start to transition my all-black winter outfits into a more springtime appropriate look. I did not want to overkill on the floral print that people usually associate with spring, but I did want to incorporate the print into the outfit somehow. These shorts are a perfect way to add a bit of color to this otherwise monochromatic outfit. The turtle neck sweater and over-the-knee socks are quite thin, so you still get the effect of a winter-inspired item without burning up in this Southern California heat. 

Outfit details:

Shorts // Brandy MelvilleTurtleneck // Brandy Melville http://bit.ly/1jjAq1nNecklace // Brandy Melville http://bit.ly/1gC1wjNHat // Target http://tgt.biz/NMRnreShoes // Ecote @ Urban Outfitters http://bit.ly/1b4J9okOver-the-Knee Socks // Urban Outfitters 


 Stacy Ikeda is a 4th year Psychology major at University of California Irvine.Her favorite past times would have to be shopping, taking long strolls along the beach and writing for HerCampus. 
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