The Top Female-Hosted Podcasts You Need to Listen To

Here are some of my favorite podcasts hosted entirely by women. A lot of them discuss issues that women can relate to and that aren’t talked enough about. It was important for me to include this post because a vast amount of podcasts are hosted and produced by men. Therefore, I wanted to showcase these amazing shows to highlight the women doing work that is impactful and empowering to the large majority of podcast listeners who are female. Representation is quite necessary because girls need to hear stories that they resonate with. Having women voice their opinion is important now more than ever and so I’ve listed my favorites which comprise of many different voices and female perspectives.


Girls Gotta Eat

This podcast is all about relationships, sex, dating, etc. and these girls aren’t shy about discussing their dating life. Pretty much nothing is off topic for the hosts Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine. I love listening to their ludicrous stories of their past relationships which are incredibly entertaining but also insightful. It’s refreshing to hear them talk so openly and candidly while giving great life advice for women. Every podcast feels like you’re listening in on their conversations and you can’t help but laugh out loud. Because of their informal setup, they make you feel like you are just hanging out with a bunch of your girlfriends.

Photo Courtesy of The Guardian



NPR’s Invisibilia delves into the factors that construct our behavior. Hosted by Alix Spiegel and Hanna Rosin, it includes intriguing and serious stories that range from topics of empathy, personality, and sexual assault. If you’re a psychology major I’d recommend listening to it because it goes in depth into the science of our emotions and beliefs. One episode that stood out to me was “A Very Offensive Rom-Com” which explored the idea of how some people have a pattern of dating others of a particular race and where that attraction stems from. The episodes examine the cognitive processes of human and social behavior which is fascinating to listen to and helps you learn more about our psyche.

Photo Courtesy of The New Yorker


Dare I Say

Harper’s Bazaar’s Dare I Say podcast is presented by actress Olivia Wilde as she interviews awe-inspiring women who are making a difference for all women. Some issues they discuss are related to what everyday women go through such as body image issues or LGBTQ rights. A few of her guests include Ana Maria Archila and Maria Gallagher who made headlines when they confronted Senator Flake in an elevator and spoke their brave story of sexaul assualt. Listening to these women’s stories makes you feel empowered and compels you to think how you could challenge these issues. Many of the topics are truly eye opening and have definitely made me rethink how I can contribute to changing the status quo.

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2 Dope Queens

This hilarious podcast is hosted by Jessica Williams, who was a former correspondent on The Daily Show, and comedian and writer Phoebe Robinson. They’ve conducted a wide variety of interviews ranging from talking about deep dish pizza with Michelle Obama to discussing fashion and style with Zoe Kravitz. There’s so much to love about this podcast, but for me, it’s the unfiltered conversation which allows listeners to hear the most honest narratives from their guests. Some people they’ve had on their show include Lupita Nyong’o, Jon Stewart, and Tom Hanks.

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